The inch symbol is denoted by a double prime (i.e. Twin quotes) whilst the feet prize is denoted by a prime (i.e. Apostrophe). Because that instance, ripe feet 5 inches have the right to be written or typed together 9’5″ utilizing your keyboard.

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In today’s article, you’ll learn how to usage some key-board (or alt code) shortcuts to do or type the Feet and also Inch signs (text) on the keyboard.

Note: on the traditional keyboard, the customs Symbol is the very same as dual quotes and also an apostrophe respectively. To type the dual quotes symbol as the inch symbol, press transition + ′ (apostrophe), and to type the apostrophe together the feet symbol, just press the apostrophe key.

Now, listed below will show you much more ways to form these icons (double quotes and an apostrophe) making use of the keyboard.

Feet & Inch signs <“> fast Guide

To kind the Inch prize on Keyboard, press shift + ′ (apostrophe key) simultaneously. And to type the feet symbol, just press as soon as on the apostrophe key. Because that instance, eight feet 4 inches will certainly be typed as 8′4″.

The below table has all the information you need about these Symbols.

Inch Symbol
Feet Symbol
Inch prize on keyboard + <′> keys
Feet prize on keyboard<′> key

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The symbol dialog box will certainly appear.

Type 34 in the Character Code: box. The prize will appear selected.Click on the Insert button. Alternatively, twin click top top the symbol come insert it into your native document.
Close the dialog.

The symbol will certainly then it is in inserted precisely where you inserted the insertion pointer.

These are the procedures you may use come insert the inch Symbol in Word.


As you have the right to see, there space several various methods you can use to kind the Inches and also Feet icons on the keyboard

Using shortcuts renders the fastest option for this task. Shortcuts are always fast.

Thank you really much for reading this blog.

If you have actually anything thing to say or questions to ask worrying the customs sign, you re welcome drop the in the comments.

Thank you

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