55 is the tenth Fibonacci number. The is an odd composite number. The square source of 55 have the right to be written as55 increased to the strength half. In this mini lesson, let united state learn about the square root of 55, uncover out whether the square source of 55 is rational or irrational, and see how to discover the square root of 55by long department method.

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Square root of 55:55 = 7.416Square of 55: 552 = 3025
1.What Is the Square root of 55?
2.Is Square source of 55 rational or Irrational?
3.How to discover the Square source of 55?
4.FAQs on Square source of 55

It method thatthere is a number asuch that:a× a = 55.Now that can additionally be created as:a2 = 55 ⇒a = √55.a is the second root the 55 and a = +/-7.416

The square root of 55is one irrational number whereby the numbers after the decimal suggest go approximately infinity.√55= 7.4161984871. √55 can not be created in the kind of p/q, therefore it is an irrational number.

The square source of 55 or any type of number can be calculate in countless ways. 2 of them room the typical methodand the long division method.

Square source of 55 by mean Method

Take two perfect square numbers, one of which isjust smaller than 55 and the various other just higher than 55. √49 7 divide 55 by 8 or 7Let united state divide by 8⇒ 55 ÷ 8 = 6. 87Find the mean of 6.87 and 8(6.87+8)/2 = 14.87 ÷ 2 = 7.435√55 ≈ 7.4

Square root of 55 by the Long division Method

The long division method help usfind themore precise value of square rootof any number. Let's see exactly how to discover the square source of 55by the long department method.


Step 1: Express 55 as 55.000000.We take it the number in pairsfrom the right. Take55 asthe dividend.Step 2: Now uncover a quotient i beg your pardon is the same as the divisor. Multiply quotient and also the divisor and also subtract the result from 55.Step 3: Now twin the quotient obtained in action 2. Here is 2 × 7 = 14. 140 becomes the new divisor.Step 4:Apply decimal ~ quotient '7' andbring down 2 zeros. We have actually 600 as the dividend now.Step 5:We have to choosea number that while including to140 andmultiplying the amount with the same number we gain a number much less than 600. 140+ 4 =144 and164× 4 = 576.Subtract 576from 600. We get 24.Step 6:Bring down the next pair the zeros.2400 is the brand-new dividend.Double the quotient. Right here it is 148. Have actually it as 1480. Now find a number in ~ the unit's place of 1480multiplied by itself gives 2400 or less. We find that 1481 × 1 = 1481. Find the remainder.Step 6:Repeat the procedure until we get the remainder equal to zero.The square source of 55 as much as two places is obtained by the long division method. For this reason √55 = 7.416

Explore square roots utilizing illustrations and also interactive examples.

The square source of any kind of number have the right to be assumed come be between the square root of the two nearest perfect squares of that number.For example, the square root of 55 lies between the square source of 49 and 64.√49 The square source of 55 is√55 in the radical form, 55½in the exponential form, and also 7.416 in the decimal form.√55 is an irrational number.

Example 2:Ricky folds a square record along the diagonal, and the diagonalmeasures √55. Whal will be the measure of the political parties of the paper to the nearest tenth?

Solution: The diagonal of a square is the heat joining opposing vertices that the square.

This diagonal forms the hypotenuse of the square together the best triangle is created on folding.

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side× next = diagonal

side2= diagonal


side =7.416

side ≈ 7.4 inch


Math will no much longer be a challenging subject, particularly when you understand the ideas through visualizations.