Square number or square of a number will be obtained when we multiply the number with the number itself. But there are various methods and also representation available to uncover the square source of 10. Take into consideration a couple of examples because that the square numbers.

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For example,

42 = 4 × 4 = 16, which represents the square the a number 4

112 = 11 × 11 = 121, which represents the square that a number 11

82 = 8 × 8 = 64, which represents the square that a number 8

So, in the over examples, 4, 10, and also 8 room the square numbers. If we desire to find the provided number is a perfect square or not, then check the unit location of a number.

The number is not a perfect square if the number ends through 2,3,7 and also 8.The number is stated to it is in a perfect square if the unit ar of a number ends v 1,4,5,6 and also 9.

How to discover Square source of 10?

Finding the square root of 10 is a bit complex because the number…… since the number 10 is not a perfect square which has actually a number 0 in ~ its unit place. Detect the square source of a number is the reverse process of squaring the number. We can discover the square source of 10 using 2 methods. One method is to uncover the source values using unit places and another an approach is v the aid of long department method. Indigenous the above examples, we deserve to see number 16, 121, and also 64 are the perfect squares, which have the unit ar as 6, 1 and also 4 respectively.

The prize to denote the square source is ‘√’. This is additionally called together a radical price or radix. The number underneath the square source symbol is referred to as radicand. The value of the square root is stood for in radical kind as well as in decimal form. Here we will comment on the square root of 10, wherein the number 10 is dubbed the radicand.

What is the square source of 10?

The radical of 10 or the square source of 10 is stood for in the kind of √10. We recognize that number 10 is an even number yet it is no a element number. Element numbers have the residential or commercial property of having only two factors of a number such as 1 and the number itself. But as we know, 10 have 4 multiple factors, 1,2,5 and also 10 itself, the is no a prime number and the determinants are created as

1 × 10 = 10

2 × 5 = 10

5 × 2 = 10

10 × 1 =10

But once the concern comes, how have the right to we find out the square roots because that the value of 10? First, write the factors of 10 as provided below.

10 = 2 × 5

In the above expression, you can see the the square number is not obtainable on the right-hand side. So, the square root of 10 have the right to be created as;

\(\sqrt10 = \sqrt2 × 5\)

We cannot take it the square term the end of the root, since it has no square terms and it is composed as,

\(\sqrt10 = \sqrt2\sqrt5\)

The above expression is the radical type of \(\sqrt10\). If we desire to create it in decimal form, put the worths of \(\sqrt2\) and also \(\sqrt5\) i beg your pardon is roughly equal come 1.414 and also 2.236 respectively. Hence,

\(\sqrt10\) = 1.414 × 2.236

\(\sqrt10\) = ±3.162 approximately.

Square source of 10 by Long department Method

To uncover the square source of 10 approximately, long department method is used. Use the long department procedure to find the value as follows.


Similarly, for the number favor 10, which room not perfect squares usage the same an approach to find the square source value. For example,12, 18, 20, 27, etc. Are not perfect squares, together they offer the square root worth in radical form as well as in decimal form.

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