The setting is the Proctor’s house, in the common room (or the life room, together we speak to it today). Elizabeth and Proctor talk about farm business items, if Proctor eats. The tells she he desires to you re welcome her, however when the tries come kiss her, she merely “receives it.” he’s disappointed and returns come eat. They proceed discussing everyday things, till Proctor argues that she appears sad.Elizabeth admits that she is worried that he had actually gone to Salem that day. Proctor states no, that did no go, and also she states that mar Warren had actually gone. Proctor desires to recognize why, as soon as he had actually forbidden she to leaving the farm, however Elizabeth says she can not stop her. She is now part of the court in Salem, one “official,” and also there space fourteen human being in jail because of the witch trials. Abigail is leading the whole group the accusing girls.Elizabeth argues that Proctor must go to Salem and also tell them the is a fraud. Ezekiel Cheever is the human being to tell, and also to allow them recognize what Abigail told him last week, the she knew that was not witchcraft.Proctor says he’ll think about it. He simply knows that if she’s taken into consideration a saint now, his word could not be enough. And they were alone once she discussed it.Elizabeth asks Proctor to check whether Abigail and also he to be alone together. Proctor admits that for a minute castle were, yet then the others came.Then, Elizabeth realizes, that must have lied to her the very first time the told the story.Irritated, he states he won’t have actually her uncertainty anymore. She tells him the should shot not to knife it, then.They continue on this conversation. It becomes clear the Proctor wants her come forget Abigail as he has. The feels she doubts him every minute of the day.Elizabeth claims she doesn’t referee him, just the “magistrate sit in your heart” judges him.As castle argue, mary Warren enters.When Proctor grabs her by the wrist, she cries out that she’s sick—the proceedings have actually worn her out—and she really hopes Proctor won’t hurt her.He asks her how the proceedings went and in response Mary goes to Elizabeth and also gives she a small rag doll, called a “poppet.” She says she spent plenty of hours making it previously that work in court and also hopes she’ll gain it.Elizabeth many thanks her.Mary states she’s tired and needs come sleep, however that she’ll clean the home in the morning. Proctor stops she to asking if the true the fourteen women have been arrested. Mary states there are now thirty-nine women. She begins to weep.And buy it Good, mar continues, confessed the she do a compact with Lucifer come torment Christians.Proctor expresses his doubt and Mary says that she somehow regulated to practically choke her and the other girls in court, by sending out her spirit out. Apparently, Sarah great has do the efforts to kill her numerous times before but till that day, mary herself didn’t recognize it.The proof of buy it Good’s witchery? She was unable to say she ten commandments. And so she to be condemned.Proctor states she will not walk to court again, and Mary claims she must. Proctor suggests this is no proper work (i.e., hanging women) and also Mary says they will not hang a woman if she confesses.They try to convince her not to walk again. Climate Mary cases to have actually saved Elizabeth’s life today.Elizabeth hasn’t been accused, just mentioned, yet Mary claimed she had actually never watched Elizabeth send her heart out. Elizabeth wants to know who accused her and also Mary states she can not tell, through law.Mary goes to bed, and also Proctor and also Elizabeth continue to be where they are, horrified. Elizabeth states she has known all week this would certainly happen, the “she” (Abigail) desires Elizabeth dead.Proctor states he will certainly talk come Cheever, and Elizabeth claims he requirements to talk to Abigail. She says that he made guarantees with his body, in bed, and also he demands to permit Abigail understand that this promise can never it is in fulfilled.Proctor is angry, claiming that he provided no promise—no an ext promise than a “stallion provides a mare”—and the believes Elizabeth will never ever forgive him because that this one mistake.

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As castle argue, Reverend Hale appears in the door. He says he is over there to view for himself what is walk on.He has just come from Rebecca Nurse’s house—she was also mentioned at court, choose Elizabeth. He thinks it is possible that Rebecca Nurse has had dealings with the Devil, but he is clearly uneasy.The Proctors both think it is impossible.Hale states he desires to question them both, and also he proceeds to inquiry why Mr. Proctor has actually missed so lot church in the critical seventeen months.Proctor claims his wife has been ailing this winter. He might come alone, that admits, yet he go not prefer the minister. He believes the minister is materialistic and greedy.Hale then wants to know why only two of their three children are baptized. Proctor says he has no interest in Reverend Parris baptizing his child.Hale asks them both if they recognize the Ten Commandments, and also then requires Proctor come recite them. Proctor cites nearly all—but fails to remember one, of which Elizabeth reminds him: the commandment versus adultery.Proctor reassures Hale that between the 2 of them (Proctor and also Elizabeth), they know all ten. He tells Hale that forgetting one commandment is a tiny fault; and Hale replies by saying the no cracked in a fortress is small.Before Hale goes, Proctor tells him the Abigail Williams called him the the children sickness had nothing to execute with witches.Hale is suspicious and wants to understand why Proctor kept this info for so long.Proctor claims that until today, he didn’t recognize the people had unable to do mad.Hale gets defensive and also says that people have confessed.Proctor says anybody will confess if it stays clear of them from getting hanged—and Hale admits he has actually thought of that.Hale desires to recognize if Proctor will testify in court and also Proctor, reluctant, says he will. Hale then questions him about whether that believes in witches, and Proctor says he has questioned it… then Elizabeth says she cannot think in witches, not if he think she is a witch.She thinks Hale need to question Abigail Williams around the Gospel, not herself; she believes every indigenous of it.Proctor have the right to see wherein this is going, and he begins to protect his wife.At the moment, Giles Corey appears. He claims they have actually taken his wife.Then Francis Nurse enters and also Giles says they’ve additionally taken Rebecca. Francis desires to know if Reverend Hale can’t speak to the Deputy Governor due to the fact that it seems prefer the civilization has gone mad. It’s absurd to think that his wife could be a murderer—she’s to be charged through killing the Putnams’s babies.Hale is now plainly troubled. But he reminds the men that until Lucifer fell from heaven, he was a beautiful angel.Giles Corey angrily states he wondered about his wife analysis books—but he never said she to be a witch!Then Giles describes that Walcott, that bought a pig native them and then came back for the money as soon as the pig died, has declared that his mam Martha Corey has actually bewitched him so he can’t save a pig alive for an ext than 4 weeks.Ezekiel Cheever, the constable, enters. Anyone is silent, shocked. He is there, the says, on business of the court. Marshal Herrick likewise enters, yet he look at ashamed. They are there to obtain Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail Williams charged her.Proctor wants to know what proof the has, and Cheever says he’s claimed to look because that a poppet that his wife may have. She claims she hasn’t kept poppets since she was a tiny girl. But they all look around and there’s the poppet, the one mar Warren brought, top top the mantel.Elizabeth goes to acquire it and says this is Mary’s. They want to recognize what a poppet signifies.But Cheever doesn’t explain.Proctor tells his mam to go gain Mary, but Cheever states he can not let Elizabeth the end of his sight. Proctor pushes his hand away and tells his mam to go get Mary.Hale wants to know what a poppet means, and also Cheever starts come explain, if lifting the poppet’s skirt. Then he notices that it has a lengthy needle grounding in it.Cheever calls Herrick come him. He climate tells Proctor the the Williams girl fell to the floor at dinner this evening, and when the Reverend Parris went to her, he attracted out a needle stuck deep in she belly. As soon as he asked exactly how she was stabbed, she stated it was Elizabeth Proctor’s “familiar spirit” that did it.Proctor denies that this is proof, yet Cheever insists that it is. As soon as Mary and also Elizabeth return, Proctor demands that she explain how the poppet gained into the house.Mary says it is hers, and even states she grounding the needle in herself, however she supposed no harm. Hale desires to recognize if some spirit might be forcing her to to speak this, yet she states she’s herself.Then she states they need to ask Susanna or Abigail, both the whom witnessed her make it.Hale tells mar that she is charging Abigail through murder—because if Abigail is faking it, then she is trying to gain Elizabeth Proctor killed.Proctor rips up the arrest warrant, in spite of protests. He tells them all to obtain out of his house.Hale protests the if she is innocent, the court— but here, Proctor points the end that Abigail and Parris may not be innocent.Elizabeth claims she’ll go, and Herrick claims he has nine males outside.Indeed, she says, she will certainly go.Proctor assures his wife that he’ll bring her residence soon, and Elizabeth goes the end the door, followed by Herrick and Cheever.Mary Warren starts come weep, and Giles Corey start taunting Hale, saying that it is every a fraud and yet the is silent.When Herrick and also Cheever leave v Elizabeth, Proctor speak Hale to get out of his sight. Hale says he will testify in her favor, yet he doesn’t understand if she is guilty or innocent.Hale urges Proctor come think around causes. The prays the God will open up up your eyes.Then the leaves.Proctor, Francis, and also Giles room left alone, shaken. Castle wonder if all is lost.

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When the latter two leave, mary Warren says that they’ll most likely let her come home.Proctor replies the she is going v him come the courthouse, and also she’ll testify exactly how the poppet involved the house and also who grounding the needle in.Mary resists, saying “she’ll” kill Mary for that, and that Abigail will certainly charge Proctor v lechery.Proctor realizes this is a good thing. Abigail"s “saintliness” is over and also done with.Proctor is even more determined to disclose the truth and insists that mar will assist him.Proctor and Mary head outside and also toward the town, mar sobs “I cannot, i cannot, i cannot…” together they to walk away.The curtain falls.

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