I searched ~ above Wikipedia because that reactivity series but it confirmed me Caesium as the most reactive metal. I know and have studied the reactivity rises as we go down the first group. Then shouldn’t it be Francium more reactive 보다 Caesium 보다 the other way around.

PS: I examine in course 10 for this reason please describe in that method only.

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The reactivity series consists of aspects whose nature are completely known and understood. The is on the communication of even if it is an aspect can displace an additional from the salt systems (this is what you"ve to be told at grade 10 Indian schooling level ns guess?).Francium, meanwhile is a radiation element, through a fifty percent life of just 22 minutes because that its many stable isotope(Francium-223). Therefore, we have the right to only make predictions, and also not observations, about the nature of its salts and also whether they would displace other facets from your salt systems or not.



We execute not really know. Francium is recognized only as very radioactive, short-lived isotopes and also we have very small experimentally based chemical information about it. Most of the properties are mere predictions.


Caesium is an ext reactive. Typically as girlfriend go down the routine table, electro-positivity increases. However, because that the really heavy elements, the visibility of so plenty of positively charged protons in the nucleus has the influence of resulting in the electrons to move round at extremely fast speeds approaching the speed of light. Together Einstein establish at together speeds strange things begin to happen. The electrons become a small closer come the nucleus than expected and they additionally become contempt harder to eliminate than expected.

Thus Caesium is much more reactive than Francium.

For an ext Information https://www.quora.com/Which-is-most-reactive-element-francium-or-cesium

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