What is the most common means to kind the many of a noun? A. Add -ves B. Add -ren C. Include -es D. Include -s
What is the many common way to kind the plural of a noun? A. Add -ves B. Add -ren C. Add -es D. Add -s
User: What is the most common way to type the many of a noun? A. Include -ves B. Add -ren C. Add -es D. Add -s rebab.net: The many common way to kind the many of a noun is to add -S.

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User: Which the the complying with sentences offers prepositions correctly? A. My mommy is always asking me whereby I to be going to! B. Maryann was glad to have actually her dentist meeting over with. C. Where is my science textbook at? D. Kevin was relieved the meeting was end by noon.
35.4% expressed together a decimal becomes 0.354. 35.4/100 = 0.354. User: Subtract 8.263 native 13.48. A. 5.217 B. 5.783 C. 6.815 D. 21.743 rebab.net: 13.48 - 8.263 = 5.217 User: discover the quotient of 5/31 split by 15/23. Minimize your answer come the shortest fraction. A. 75/373 B. 115/465 C. 23/93 D. 93/23, or 41/23 rebab.net: (5/31) / (15/23) = (5)(23)/(31)(15) = 115/465 = 23/93 User: The full of 36, 78, 198, 475, and 620 is A. 2,109. B. 1,731. C. 1,407. D. 1,187. rebab.net: The total of 36, 78, 198, 475, and also 620 is 1,407. User: What is 20 × 6? A. 12 B. 40 C. 120 D. 100 (More)
The 2 bases the a trapezoid space 3 and 11 and also the altitude is 8. What is the area of the trapezoid? A. 112 B. 56 C. 96 D. 64
rebab.net: The two bases of a trapezoid space 3 in. And also 11 in. And the altitude is 8 in. What is the area the the trapezoid? A. 56Area = (h(a + c))/2Area = (8(3 + 11))/2Area = (8(14))/2Area = 8 * 7Area = 56in^2 User: On an architect"s plan for a house, the range reads ½ in. = 5 ft. How long is the actual length of a room that"s 2 in. Lengthy on the drawing? A. 25 ft. B. 20 ft. C. 15 ft. D. 10 ft. (More)
½ in. = 5 ft,1inch. =10 ft.2in.=2*10 =20 ft.The actual size of a room that"s 2 in. Lengthy on the drawing: 20 ft.
A line connecting a peak of a scalene triangle with the midpoint of the opposite next is the A. Median. B. Perpendicular bisector of the side. C. Altitude. D. Bisector of the edge at the vertex.
A line connecting a crest of a scalene triangle through the midpoint that the opposite next is a Median. User: In the figure, AA = 33 m and BC = 7.5 m. The expectancy is split into six equal parts at E, G, C, I, and K. Find the size of A B. A. 15.00 B. 18.12 C. 9.30 D. 27.00 (More)

rebab.net: Earthquakes deserve to only occur at a error if the fault experiences compression force in convergent plate borders ...

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