Are you looking for name ideas for her baby? There are several places where girlfriend can uncover inspiration. One such ar is the Bible, i beg your pardon is full of characters from whom you have the right to borrow her baby’s name. Unfortunately, biblical name are very popular, and you are sure to discover several other people named Sara, Rachael, Michael, Joseph, and the likes. Therefore, if friend are trying to find a distinctive name, you need to be a tiny bit more creative. So, why not go for one of the longest name in the Bible?


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Mahershalalhashbaz is the longest surname in the Bible. Uncovered in Isaiah 8:1, 8:3, that is the surname Isaiah was told by God to offer to his son, who he bore through a woman just referred to in the bible as “the Prophetess”. The name, which is symbolic in nature way “quick spoils, speedy plunder” and also it is take away to have been a warning from God that what the Syrians would execute the Israelites.

Naming a infant after a character who was offered to foretell that doom can not it is in everyone’s cup the tea. However, if you don’t mind this bit, Mahershalalhashbaz is a distinct name, and you can be certain your kid is the only one that will go by that name in his class.

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2. Chushanrishathaim

Chushanrishathaim is the serebab.netnd-longest name in the Bible. Discovered in Judges 3: 8 – 10, that is the name of King of Aram Nahraim, that enslaved the Israelites for 8 years after castle angered God. The king, however, would certainly not have a happy ending, as God would later on raise a hero to supply Israelites – Othniel, a relative of Caleb.


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Chushanrishathaim is distinctive a name together they rebab.netme in the Bible. However, specify name your child after an oppressive ruler might not be a great idea. But then again, if girlfriend are elevating them come rebab.netnquer the world, why not? simply be certain to remember and rebab.netnsider how his story ends in the Bible prior to you name him.

3. Berodachbaladan

Berodachbaladan is the name of a King that Babylon, that you can uncover in Isaiah 39:1. Originally, he was called Berodach, yet after the fatality of his father he take it on his name, Baladan, together a method to honour him.

If girlfriend are looking for a distinct kingly surname for your son, Berodachbaladan is as good as any. The fact that he was respectful to his father, also in death, is a great sign because that those who are superstitious. Also, the was known by another unique and also long surname -- Merodach-Baladan --, which method that you get a two-for-one in uniqueness v this choice.


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4. Zaphnathpaaneah

Zaphnathpaaneah is just one of the long spiritual names you can uncover in the Bible. Discovered in Genesis 41:45, it is the name that was offered to Joseph by Pharaoh, the very same Joseph that was marketed to Egypt by his brothers, yet found prosperity there.

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If friend are searching for a unique name for your child, Zaphnathpaaneah is a an excellent choice. That is especially a perfect alternative for the surname Joseph, i beg your pardon is extensively overused almost everywhere the world. Plus, you get the added benefit of one exotic Egyptian name for her child.

5. Bashanhavothjair

Bashanhavothjair is another rare name in the holy bible that you’ve more than likely never heard of, and also which girlfriend will have a difficult time pronouncing. Discovered in Deuteronomy 3:14 It was the name of Jair, child of Manasseh, and which would later use to name the rebab.netuntry that Argob after he caught them.


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Despite the practically impossible pronunciation, Bashanhavothjair is a rebab.netol surname for a baby, particularly if friend are searching for name ideas based upon heroes. He was also a effective warrior, who rebab.netnquered several lands and named them after him, therefore that’s an additional plus.

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6. Nebuchadnezzar

While rare, Nebuchadnezzar is a name that most people, especially those with even a little bit that Christian background, are familiar with. The is finest known because that being a an effective king, the best of all Babylonian kings.

He rebuilt the kingdom of Babylon and restored it come its previous glory after it obtained its freedom from Assyria. In modern history, he is attributed by chroniclers for structure the Hanging Gardens that Babylon, one of the 7 marvels of the old World.

Another thing Nebuchadnezzar is recognized for in the holy bible is his pride. In one instant, that angered God through his pride. As a result, he to be cursed v madness that caused all of his kingdoms to it is in taken away, was driven from his lands, and also forced to sanctuary in the jungle for seven years wherein he ate grass like cattle. It was not until he repented and also humbled himself that the curse to be lifted. His personality is for this reason used as a ethical lesson against being proud.


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7. Mephibosheth

Mephibosheth is another one that the height biblical names. The is the name of the boy of Jonathan (King David’s friend) and the grandson of King Saul. The surname is discussed on a rebab.netuple the occasions in the book of Samuel.

He was crippled at a young age, as soon as his nurse to reduce him when fleeing after ~ the news about Jonathan and Saul’s death spread. However, in later years, David remembered his promise to Jonathan, and as a result, restored his son, Mephibosheth to a high ar in the palace.

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8. Zerubbabel

If you are looking for one more inspiring idea for distinct biblical infant names, Zerubbabel is a good choice. He was a heroic figure in the background of Jews, as he aided to them right into victory after they to be captured and enslaved by the old kingdom of Babylon. That is likewise credited with building a temple after top the Israelites to freedom.


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9. Tilgathpilneser

Another one of the optimal long scriptures names, Tilgathpilneser is the surname of an ancient King the Assyria. That is finest known because that his aggressive rule, whereby he increased the Assyrian empire greatly during his reign.

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If friend are searching for some rare biblical names for your baby, the over are some of the longest names in the Bible. Their length alone makes them weirdly unique. However, you can also like the unique biographies the the scriptures characters behind these names, from effective kings and also rulers to human being who overcame difficulties and prospered. However, before you select one of this names, be certain that friend know how to pronounce them; some of their pronunciation is anything yet fun.