There space 1,189 chapters in the English bible, and 31,103 verses. But which book of the scriptures is longest? ns am at least partially encouraged to compose this blog post on the problem of the longest book of the Bible because it renders such a good trivia question! But, it likewise helps puts points in perspective for what you have the right to expect as soon as reading v the Bible.


There are a selection of ways to calculation the longest book of the Bible. You can count chapters, verses, or words. Girlfriend could also technically make a differentiation between Greek or Hebrew, and the usual English translations that we use. Of course, it have to be detailed that we are not combining any kind of books that the Bible. So, although 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, or 1 & 2 Chronicles were initially composed together one book (respectively), and would for this reason be longest in the Bible, because we commonly view lock as different books, they will certainly be counted together separate.

In order to be together thorough together possible, I will certainly list three categories: Longest book by Chapter, Longest publication by Verse, Longest publication by Hebrew/Greek word Count.

Longest publication of the scriptures by Chapter

Others that course have compiled lists which contain the chapters and verses for all the books of the Bible. In the interest of brevity, ns am only making recommendation to the peak 10 longest publications of the scriptures by thing (you space welcome to dual check my job-related through counting).

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Psalms (150)Isaiah (66)Jeremiah (52)Genesis (50)Ezekiel (48)Job (42)Exodus (40)Numbers (36)2 Chronicles (36)Deuteronomy (34)

Of course, technically Psalms is not composed of chapters however of individual psalms. So, probably Isaiah could win top top a technicality. However most world would counting Psalms as the longest book of the bible by thing count.

Additionally, Matthew and Acts both organize the honor of being the longest book of the new Testament through chapter, each being created of 28 chapters.

Longest publication of the holy bible by Verse

Chapters only tell component of the story. We obtain a little an ext complete of a photo when us look at the verse counting for each book.

Psalms (2461)Genesis (1533)Jeremiah (1364)Isaiah (1292)Numbers (1288)Ezekiel (1273)Exodus (1213) Luke (1151)Matthew (1071)Job (1070)

Matthew and Luke were able to cracked the perform by verse count, making right into a list overcame by the Old testimony books.

Longest book of the bible by native Count

Of course we understand that chapters and verses room not inspired, no one were they part of the original text that Scripture. Thus, the ideal standard for determining the longest publication of the bible is v word count. Because Hebrew combines multiple lemmas to kind words, the is a small different. For example, the phrase “your house” is two words in English, but in Hebrew that is technically one word.

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But, because the component parts are significant in Logos, us will identify by lemma. Thus, right here is the list of longest publications of the scriptures by indigenous count, utilizing the Logos concordance feature.

Jeremiah (33,008)Genesis (32,053)Psalms (30,150)Ezekiel (29,919)Exodus (25,958)Isaiah (25,616)Numbers (25,048)Deuteronomy (23,009)2 Chronicles (21,349)1 Samuel (20,839)

On the Greek next of things, Luke (19,446) and also Acts (18,412) head the perform of longest books in the brand-new Testament by word count.

With the foregoing information, if who asks friend what the longest book of the scriptures is, i hope you space well prepared!