There space hundreds of equine breeds approximately the world. Horses have been domesticated for hundreds if not hundreds of years, causing plenty of variation in between different breeds. Few of these each other are an extremely small, however others room substantial.

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Most big horses room draft horses. In various other words, castle bred to pull hefty equipment and supplies. Many of them are not riding steeds — they’re also large. Plenty of of this breeds are still used for pulling things even today.


1. Shire Horse

Image Credit: Jean, FlickrThe Shire equine is conveniently the largest equine in the world. These things make other equines look prefer dwarfs. They selection from 17 come 19 hand tall and can weigh up to 2,400 pounds. They were selectively bred to be big for farm and also industrial work. This resulted in the huge size they are today.

In the past, this each other towed barges, traction carts, and also handled heavy plows. They’re supplied for both farm and also industrial work.

However, since most ranches are mechanized these days, these equines are nearing extinction. Their numbers proceed to lower, as numerous don’t desire to keep huge horses unless they have actually a practical need because that them.

Multiple teams are looking to revive this breed, though. Their numbers have slowly recovered, though they room still considered endangered today.

2. Clydesdale

Image Credit: Leadgold at en.wikipedia, Wikimedia CommonsThis horse is a bit much better known 보다 the Shire Horse. However, they are a bit smaller. They room somewhere between 16 to 18 hands high and weigh in between 1,800 to 2,000 pounds. They have the right to be larger, though.

The famed Budweiser Clydesdale equines are normally at the very least 18 hand high and weigh up to 2,300 pounds. King LeGear is perhaps the biggest Clydesdale around, standing in ~ a high 20.5 hands high. He weighed 2,950 pounds, i m sorry is bigger 보다 a Shire Horse.

These equines are well-known for their energetic nature. They can be rather gentle, however they are likewise rather excitable. Lock are supplied for agriculture, industrial, and also forestry purposes that call for strength.

They are also considered magnificent horses. They have white, feathered hooves the make them very popular. Lock are typically in parades and also as present horses due to their beauty. If they space prevalent, they room still at risk of die out in part countries. This is mostly due to their huge size, which provides them somewhat daunting to keep.

This is an old breed. Over there is no document of when the Clydesdale equine began. We know they existed in the mid-18th century, together there are documents of them being imported come Scotland. Your definite ancestors include a Lampits mare and also a Thomson’s stallion. However, over there are likely other ancestors together well.

3. Percheron

Image Credit: StratoArt, PixabayThe Percheron is another colossal horse. It originates indigenous France, particularly the Huisne flow valley. This region was once known in Perche, which is whereby the breed gets its name from.

This equine varies in size fairly a bit. They deserve to be almost everywhere from 15 come 19 hands high, i beg your pardon is a huge variety of sizes.

While castle were well-known in France, your actual background and advancement are unknown. They might be as old together 496 A.D.

This each other is unlike other draft horses due to the fact that Arabian and also oriental horses greatly influence them. This goes ago to the 8 hours century. The influence remained heavily until the 19th century. Thus influence, this horse has actually a lighter neck than some various other breeds. However, it is quiet perfectly qualified of pulling hefty loads.

Back in the 19th century, this was a famous coach horse. Today, since coaches room hardly used, castle are mostly utilized in equine shows, parades, and also driving. They space still may be to execute forestry and also farm work-related as necessary.

Unlike most draft horses, these likewise make an excellent riding horses.

4. Belgian Draft

Image Credit: Richard, FlickrThe Belgian breeze didn’t build as its very own breed till after human being War II. The Belgian breeze is higher than most horses, but it is additionally lighter. This means it can’t carry as hefty of a load as various other draft equines on this list, despite it is still taken into consideration a heavy horse.

They usually weigh roughly 2,000 pounds and stand around 16.5 hand high. Through their heavyweight, these equines are additionally capable that pulling heavy loads. Two Belgian bilder were videotaped to pull 17,000 pounds.

Today, these equines are most common in heavy farm work and also forestry. However, they are still valuable as speak horses. This is just one of the couple of draft breeds that are not on the edge of extinction.

They are generally shorter than many other breeze breeds, yet this each other still has some pretty gigantic horses. The most famous Belgian breeze was called Brooklyn Supreme. This horse stood 19.2 hand tall and also weighed over 3,000 pounds.

5. Suffolk Punch

Image Credit: Rictor Norton & David Allen, FlickrThis equine breed is quite old and fairly tall. They room the tallest equine in Britain, standing between 16.1 and also 17.2 hand high. Castle weigh roughly 2,000 pounds in many cases, despite bigger steeds are possible. These space still well-known today for forestry and farm work. They additionally do a lot of in the advertising industry, thanks mostly to your striking figure.

We don’t exactly know as soon as this breed very first came about. However, we have actually mentions the date earlier to 1586, so we recognize the breed has changed tiny since that time. This horse likely has close hereditary ties v some pony breeds, regardless of being massive.

This is just one of the rarer horse breeds on this list. Castle are ancient and have reached a hereditary bottleneck because of the substantial losses during the civilization Wars. There space very few left in brother today.

In America, the each other is a bit much better off. However, crossbreeding through Belgian drafts is allowed in the joined States, if the brothers still do not allow this. Because that this reason, the British also do not allow crossbreeding with American Suffolk Punches.

6. Netherlands Draft

Image Credit: Amanda Slater, FlickrThe Dutch draft is a newer breed the horse. Castle didn’t show up until after human being War I, in which Ardennes and Belgian Draft equines were commonly bred together. This led to a whole new breed of steed – the dutch Draft.

This breed is rather heavyset. It became popular in Zeeland and Groningen, greatly for farm work and comparable heavy pulling jobs. However, it didn’t have much time to end up being popular until people War II, wherein it suffered heavy losses and also became a rarer breed.

This is likely one the the strongest equine breeds. Castle often complete in horse-drawn plowing events, whereby they regularly win. Despite this, lock are lot smaller than few of the various other draft horses. Mares room usually around 15 hand high and stallions are roughly 17 hands high.

Still, they space much larger than many other breeds out there. They space not small horses by any type of means.

7. Australian draft Horse

Image Credit: Cgoodwin, Wikimedia CommonsThis equine breed is a large conglomeration of other steed breeds ~ above this list. They room basically a hybrid, v the genetics of Clydesdales, Percherons, Shires, and also Suffolk Punches all wrapped up in this one breed. Lock didn’t come to be their own breed till 1976 when they began their studbook.

As the name suggests, this steed was bred because that Australia. To make the horse an ideal for this country, many huge horses to be used. The is most likely that many of these equines were brought over through settlers, and then crossbreeding began to happen. Eventually, this led to a brand-new breed.

This steed is famous throughout Australia, whereby it is the dominant draft breed. Countless are not registered, so the exact number of horses around today is complicated to figure out.

This equine is reasonably large, though it is smaller than many of that is ancestors. It have the right to stand between 16.2 and 17.2 hands high and weighs between 1,300 to 1,900 pounds. Bigger equines are acceptable.

Despite their relatively smaller size, lock are just as solid as several of the other horses on this list. They room also really gentle and also docile, which provides them basic to work with. Many world say they space a happiness to own.

8. American Cream

Image Credit: Jean, FlickrThe American Cream draft is the only draft horse occurred in the United says that is tho in existence. Every the others are now extinct. Even this steed is tho a rarely breed today.

They are finest known for their gold champagne color, which is where they get component of their name from. This coloration is produced by placing a champagne gene on optimal of a chestnut color gene. For this reason, this breed comes in both champagne gold and chestnut, depending upon whether or no the equine gets the champagne gene. This breed commonly only has actually amber eyes.

This breed an initial popped increase in Iowa during the beforehand 20th century. They started with a mare called Old Granny, who was a cream color. The each other struggled to get traction during the good Depression. However, number of breeders functioned to enhance the breed, and also the each other registry was produced in 1944.

Since farming has become mechanized, this breed has actually fallen out of popularity. The registry became inactive for several decades. However, it to be reactivated in 1982. The breed has actually been growing steadily because then, despite they space still thought about to be critical.

9. Russian heavy Draft/Ardennes

Image Credit: Emil_95, FlickrThe Russian hefty Draft is a Russian steed breed. It to be bred initially in imperial Russia during the second half of the 19th century. ~ the Russian revolution, it was renamed the Russian Ardennes. The is regularly shortened come the “Ardennes.”

This breed is among several draft breeds the were being emerged at the time. However, that is one older breed in general and also is smaller than many other draft breeds approximately today.

This little horse is quite an effective for its size. It also has a high milk production and is occasionally used in the manufacturing of kumis. In part countries, the equine is additionally raised because that meat.

10. Lithuanian hefty Draught

Image Credit: Tocekas, Wikimedia CommonsThis draught horse was developed during the 19th and 20th centuries. As the name suggests, they were arisen in Lithuania, wherein you will still mostly find them today. They space used most for heavy draft work, as you could probably guess. However, lock are periodically used because that meat manufacturing as well.

Currently, the each other is near extinction. Over there were only 1,000 steeds left less than twenty years ago.

This steed usually stands roughly 15 to 16 hands high. They room not as large as some various other breeds top top this list, though they are still decently powerful. Castle come in assorted colors together well, including bay, chestnut, black, grey, and roan. They have actually strong, heavy legs and also are fairly muscular.

11. Soviet heavy Draft

Image Credit: Iskulikov, Wikimedia CommonsAs the name suggests, this equine was occurred during the Soviet era in Russia. This equine was initially obtained from the Belgian Brabant and also was occurred for heavy labor and agricultural work in the Soviet Union. The was recognized as a each other in 1952.

This is just one of several breeds that were all developed simultaneously, including the Russian hefty Draft, which is often perplexed with this horse.

The Soviet hefty Draft is well-known to be massive with a free-moving gait. They deserve to have a right or convex profile. Their neck is fairly short, while your torso is broad and muscular.

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They were largely used for draft work-related in agriculture, though they are occasionally seen in industrial work. Lock are also reliable producers of milk and also meat, which lock are offered for in part countries. The females have actually a reduced fertility rate of just 65%, despite the foals are simple to care for and grow quickly. They have actually a decent lactation rate.