Want to recognize which is the hottest nation in the world? Here’s one updated perform of the hottest countries in the civilization ranked by the highest possible temperature and also the yearly median temperature.

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How to measure up the hottest nation in the world

There space two key ways to measure which is the hottest nation in the world. You can either rank them by making use of the warmest temperature ever recorded in every country, or you can rank the warmest nations in the people by the median yearly temperature.

This article features both means of measuring to give the many accurate information around the world’s sexty countries.

United States

The USA is residence to the hottest location on Earth, death Valley, or much more precisely in furnace Creek Ranch whereby temperatures got to a world-record-breaking 56.7 °C (134 °F) on 10 July 1913.

Even though an ext than 100 years have actually gone by because then, it continues to be the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth, which renders the United claims the hottest nation in the world.

Surprisingly, the death Valley nationwide park also sees part chilling temperatures during wintertime, and it’s important a floor of the extreme.

The hottest temperature ever before recorded: 56.7°C (134°F)


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The second hottest country in the world is Tunisia who observed a temperature that 55 °C (131 °F) ~ above 7 July 1931 in the town called Kebil. Tunisia usually sees an extremely hot summers with mean temperatures about 32/33 °C (89/91 °F) and even higher in the desert areas.

In wintertime, the temperatures are an ext pleasant about 16/18 °C (61/64 °F).

The sexy temperature ever recorded: 55°C (131°F)


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Kuwait is among the hottest nations in the world and also holds the record of the third-highest temperature ever recorded. This is also one the the more recent warmth records where the town of Mitribah it was observed 54.0 °C (129.2 °F) ~ above 21 July 2016.

The sexy temperature ever recorded: 54.0°C (129.2°F)


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Iran is another country which generally gets really warm in the summer and an ext mild climate throughout wintertime, and also even chillier temperatures in mountain areas.

The highest possible temperature ever recorded in Iran was observed top top 29 June 2017 in ~ a document high that 54 °C (129 °F) in Ahwaz.

The sexty temperature ever before recorded: 54°C (129°F)


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Israel is yet an additional country in the middle East an ar that is ranked as one of the warmest countries in the people with a record high the 54.0 °C (129.2 °F) in Tirat Zvi top top 21 June 1942.

The summer temperature in Israel is typically somewhere in the high 80’s (27C) and 90’s (32C) where some locations in the nation such as Massada and also Eilat frequently reaches greater temperatures of approximately 110F (43C) or above.

The hottest temperature ever recorded: 54.0 °C (129.2 °F)


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On 22 July 2016, the hottest temperature in Iraq was recorded in the city of Basra at 53.9 °C (129.0 °F), which provides Iraq among the hottest countries on Earth. The summers are typically very hot and also winters usually see a milder climate.

It additionally differs depending on which region you visit in Iraq, the mountains are colder in the wintertime with an ext rain. In the summer, the hottest temperatures will certainly be in the northern part, which has a an ext desert-like climate, although the whole nation sees high temperature in the summer months.

The sexy temperature ever recorded: 53.9 °C (129.0 °F)


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Pakistan is one more country i beg your pardon endures very hot temperature in the summer months together with neighboring nation India. The greatest temperature ever recorded in Pakistan was observed on 28 may 2017 in the town of Turbat.

In the summertime, that can acquire so hot in the urban that the asphalt is beginning to melt.

On the other side that the scale, Pakistan is additionally where you can climb one of the highest possible mountains in the world. K2 has recorded several of the coldest temperature on planet at −62 °C (−80 °F).

The hottest temperature ever before recorded: 53.7 °C (128.7 °F)


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United Arab Emirates

The united Arab Emirates is the only country that ranking both in the height as the hottest country in the world, and the warmest nations in the human being by median temperature year-round.

This has actually led world to choose Dubai together their winter vacation destination in current years. The well-developed society with skyscrapers and also air condition units in every building, it’s easy to survive the hottest months together well.

The hottest temperature ever recorded: 52.1 °C (125.8 °F)


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World’s hottest countries by mean yearly temperature

This perform is based upon numbers indigenous the people Bank and also their yearly temperature data because that each country. It’s the latest updated data available and with that information, I’ve ranked the hottest countries in the people by their median yearly temperature.

The following are the 15 warmest nations in the civilization ranked by typical temperature. That differs quite a lot native the hottest countries in the people of all times, and also that is because of substantial differences in temperatures in between season, conversely, the following all have a high-temperature year-round.

RankCountryAverage temperature (Celsius)
2Burkina Faso28,18
10South Sudan26,93
12United Arab Emirates26,83
14Saint Vincent and also the Grenadines26,82


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More around the hottest countries in the world

There room several methods to measure and determine which is the warmest country in the world, and also it’s much more of personal opinion even if it is you like to location the hottest countries in the human being by the average yearly temperature or the sexy temperature ever before recorded.

For me, I uncover it amazing to include both as it provides a much more nuanced way of measurement. It also depends ~ above what one is feather for, if you just want to understand which room the warmest countries in the world to go on vacation, it could be an ext suitable to look for typical temperature.

It’s rather fascinating how there deserve to be such huge differences depending on the season, and out the the hottest countries on Earth, only one ranks in the height for the warmest nations in the human being by mean temperature, and that’s the joined Arab Emirates.


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It’s likewise important to note that several of these countries are some of the largest nations in the world, and also thus have actually a wide selection of temperatures and also micro-climates that define certain areas that the country, fairly than countrywide.

The U.S is perhaps the finest example because that this due to the fact that it likewise ranks in the optimal 10 coldest countries in the world. Even in the particular area wherein the highest possible temperature has been recorded, it different a lot between winter and summer.


Which nation has the highest temperature in the world?

The unified States has the highest possible temperature in the people ever recorded, which to be observed in furnace Creek Rang in the fatality Valley national park on 10 July 1913 through a record high56.7 °C (134 °F).

What is the greatest temperature a human can survive?

Our cells actually begin to die off at temperatures of 41°C (106°F) come 45°C (113°F) yet it’s possible to survive greater temperatures.

For example, a healthy person might visit fatality Valley on the hottest work of the year at temperature of 55°C (131°F) without dice as long as the human properly remain hydrated throughout the day.

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Where is the hottest ar on planet today?

Death sink in the U.S is the hottest location on earth today.


Do girlfriend live in one of the hottest nations in the world? leaving a comment below!