If you’ve ever before tried to trap a paris insect in her home, you recognize how quick they deserve to move. Some insects zip through the air at speeds higher than 30 miles per hour and perform remarkable acrobatics in the process.


In honor of National Aviation Day on august 19th, us salute the world"s fastest and also most daring insect, one that truly demonstrates the grace and also skill that flight.

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What is the fastest flying insect?

While the spurge eagle moth (also well-known as the hummingbird moth) has actually been clocked at an outstanding 33.7 miles per hour it is just the second-fastest flying insect ~ above record. According to the Smithsonian, the location of fastest flying insect belongs to the dragonfly, i beg your pardon darts and spins and dives in ~ a document 35 miles every hour.

About the Dragonfly

Dragonflies space most frequently found near ponds and lakes. Lock can also be discovered hovering near black optimal parking lots at times, as they might mistake these reflective surfaces for a human body of water.

According to entomologists at the Smithsonian Institution, dragonflies are thought to have actually been about for 300 million years and were amongst the an initial winged creatures come evolve. Phibìc American dragonflies differ by region, but types such together the blue-eyed darner are active from coast-to-coast. Dragonflies can likewise be found on every continent except Antarctica.

What makes dragonflies such great fliers?

The dragonfly is speedy as result of its distinct body and wing structure. This qualities enable it to advice in means that various other insects cannot. Below are part other amazing facts you might not know about the world’s fastest flying insect:

favor an airplane, dragonflies space designed for smooth flight. Their long and tapered bodies channel waiting over and under the wings and also abdomen to minimize drag. While many insects have actually fixed wing that move together in motion, dragonflies sport wings the they deserve to independently relocate up and also down or forward and back. Dragonflies have the right to fly in any direction lock choose, even backward or upside down. Lock can also execute hairpin transforms at complete speed and also in slow motion, or even hover choose a helicopter.

How do dragonflies usage their speed?

Dragonflies space hunters. They food on various other flying insects and also use their speed and also agility to aid them catch their dinner in midair.

A research study performed by Harvard University and the nationwide Science foundation used high-speed cameras to document dragonfly habits. In the study, dragonflies recorded 90 percent the the fruit flies they targeted, quickly trapping each one through their feet. ~ a catch, dragonflies flip your bodies upside down and also usually consume the prey while still in flight.

Are dragonflies useful or harmful?

Dragonflies space not harmful come humans. In fact, dragonflies space a good asset during the spring and also summer months when mosquitoes are many active. A solitary dragonfly have the right to consume numerous mosquitoes a day. These rapid flying insects deserve to make fantastic guests in ~ your following lakeside party or picnic.

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So next time you check out a dragonfly, don’t flinch. Just sit ago and gain its grace and also speed.