something that is translated, or the procedure of translating something, indigenous one language to another:
The English version is boring - perhaps it has actually lost miscellaneous in translate in (= is no as great as the original).

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the activity or process of changing the indigenous of one language right into the words in another language that have actually the same meaning:
translation into sth Assets and also liabilities denominated in non-US currencies are videotaped in the gaue won statements after translation into US dollars.
translation of sth (into sth) He stated he will focus resources to rate the translation of research right into practice.
The result isn"t quite what castle expect; it transforms out that what was needed together with language translation was some sort of social translation.
The team also built a real-time translation great so that players from about the people could sign up with the very same clan and communicate with each other.
however as often, the apparent familiarity that the human being of the ancient text is mostly a issue of translation.
The statusphere and also blogsphere space rich with perpetual observations and also declarations, however we shed something in translation.
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translate in

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The too much version of straight translation is glossing, since glosses are essentially a direct translation of whole text.
These instances are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the editors or the University push or the licensors.




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