Food and drink play a huge role in Spanish culture. If you lucky sufficient tovisit Spain, girlfriend will without doubt delight in the tasty alcohols the nation has come offer. However, simply as for most fun points in the world, there are details rules and also laws for drinking in Spain the you need to aim to monitor in stimulate to it is in a considerate visitor to the country. One of the vital questions you have to answer prior to you partake in the regional drinking culture is, "What is the drinking period in Spain?".

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The legal drinking agein Spain provided to be 16 year old, simply as it remains inItalytoday. However, there have actually been many incidents related to teens obtaining drunk. Together a result,in 2009, Spain readjusted its law and also raised the drinking period to 18 year old.

This law applies to drink in restaurants too. However, young teens listed below 18 can drink alcohol as lengthy as lock monitored by a guardian. Therefore, waiters wouldn’t be able to intervene if a parent ordered an alcoholic drink and also then readily available it to your teenage child. Yet of course, bartenders and waiters still have to be mindful of these legal limitations and also must refuse to offer unaccompanied minors.

Teens under 18 are also not permitted to to buy alcohol, therefore if they desire to drink - even if only a light beer or a glass of alcohol -, their just option is to ask one adult come buy it for them. The legislation says that it is illegal because that minors under the drinking age in Spain to purchase alcoholic beverages. However, there space no regulations about teens drink in their very own homes.


The regulation says that establishments selling and serving alcohol to teens under 18 will certainly be penalized. They can be fee a fine ranging from €30,000 all the means up come €600,000.

As friend might currently know, Spain is popular for its fantastic wine production, so it is common to allow minors to take it a little sip in order for them to get accustomed come the taste. The law focuses on serving and selling alcohol come minors, while exceptions room made if a parent supplies it to their children under their supervision.


Well, if there’s a regulation that stays clear of those under the drinking period in Spain native purchasing alcohol, climate there’s likewise a law that prohibits shop from selling alcoholic beverages ~ 10 PM. This is in order to stop “botellion,” a Spanish phenomenon whereby drinking exterior turns into a street party with plenty of loud drunk people. The law seeks to prevent these gatherings, as they are often disruptive come neighbors and they can lead to damages of publicly places and also private properties.

There is likewise a limitation ~ above the alcohol contents that every human being who is driving have the right to consume. A experienced driver has actually a limit of 250 micrograms that alcohol for every liter of breath. Meanwhile, vehicle drivers who have only had actually their license for 2 years or much less are more strictly restricted to 150 micrograms the alcohol because that every liter of breath. Obviously, these actions are designed to enhance road safety.


If you"re above the drinking period in Spain and also you favor to drink prefer a regional while traveling, climate there space a few things you require to know to fit into the Spanish nightlife scene. While many select to walk tolocal barsearlier in the evening, it’s generally only to have actually a couple of glasses the drinks and also enjoy great food. In Spain, human being normally have their dinner roughly 10 pm or sometimes also 11 PM, and also they only start their evening afterward. Prior to 11 PM, you’ll an alert that the only people out in bars will certainly be perplexed tourists trying to figure out where all the locals are.

When midnight strikes, you’ll suddenly see these half-empty bars magically begin to to fill up. There are even some bars the don’t open until approximately 4 AM. Many clubs store going until 6 am or 7 AM. When you’ll should pay an entrance fee to acquire into one, you’ll normally obtain a free drink too.

The fence of beginning later, however, is that you’re probably going to sleep in so late the next day. For Spanish party animals, going come bed in ~ 3 to be is taken into consideration early.


All countries have their own unique signature toasts, and most the them space to show respect to the country! In Spain, "Salud!," which way "Health!," is the most common method to cheer. However, there could be an instance or two where it will certainly be obligatory to get involved in a lengthier toast.

Tempted come go gain a glass the rioja approximately some tapas or shot out the vivid Spanish nightlife after analysis this? begin planning your expedition to Spain with one of our favorite guidebooks:

Partying and also drinking play a large role in the fun-loving culture of Spain. The Spanish nightlife, particularly in thecity that Madrid, is mythical. On optimal of that, it is no reserved only to young people. There is definitely a component of every town or city the is suitable for every age group and every taste and also preference.

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There are, however, somethings you should rememberaside from knowing what is the legitimate drinking period in Spain. Be afflicted with in mind the you have to go the end late if you really want to watch the country’s nightlife. If you go to the bars before 10 PM, opportunities are you will be spending the next hrs drinking on her own.

So, what carry out you think about the drinking society in Spain? carry out you have any type of question or an individual experience you desire to re-publishing on this topic? allow us recognize in a comment below!