People communicate in various ways. The means you connect with friends, family, and co-workers may make the difference in between a effective relationship and also one that fails. The an initial step in effective interaction is knowing what is the difference in between supportive and also defensive communication.

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What is the Difference between Supportive and also Defensive communication According come its Purpose

To better understand the difference between supportive and defensive communication, you need to know the purpose of each type of communication. The function of supportive communication is come resolve dispute or achieve a adjust in a situation while maintaining the relationship between communicating participants. Protective communication, ~ above the other hand, actually concentrates on the problem or the trouble instead of make the efforts to deal with it.

The distinction in Supportive and Defensive interaction in Practice

Here is a an ext detailed look in ~ the difference in between supportive and also defensive interaction when it is put into practice.

Supportive Communication

When engaging in supportive communication, a human being seeks come resolve dispute or potential problem through cooperation between the parties involved.

Supportive interaction has details goals in mind and also uses details techniques to reach those goals. Therefore, this type of interaction does not location blame, no one do people using this form of interaction make referee statements. Instead, they just state the problem and also collaborate v others on recognize a solution.

During the supportive interaction process, everyone listens come one another, and they job-related together to uncover a systems to the difficulty or to do a essential change.

Communicating in this manner in reality preserve and often combine the currently relationship in between the human being who are communicating, due to the fact that everyone feels valued and a part of the process.

Defensive Communication

Defensive interaction occurs as soon as a human responds to a self-perceived cons or feels endangered by others. Instead of interacting in a useful manner, the individual seeks to safeguard oneself from supposed criticism, regularly going ~ above the attack and also blaming others for the difficulty instead of help to find a systems for the problem.

In various other cases, the person using defensive communication may show tiny concern or interest in the subject. A human being who is engaging in defensive communication cannot correctly hear what others are trying to say and also they do it challenging for others to hear the concerns they room voicing because the others in communication with this human being feel attacked.

It is often ideal simply come end communication with who engaging in defensive interaction until they space in a an ext reasonable state the mind.

When determining what the difference is between supportive and also defensive communication, look at the interaction style that each human in the group and also ask you yourself if they are seeking to solve a problem or if lock are focusing on the problem and also blaming rather for the problem.

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Is the person calm and do castle welcome the intake of everyone in the group, or room angry and venting with no seeming purpose?

If you have tendency to interact defensively, then seek methods to far better your communication style so you can communicate much more effectively. You will assist preserve your relationships this way.