Apostles and disciples are common terms uncovered in the bible. Many human being tend to treat and use this terms interchangeably. But this is rather wrong and also it requirements to it is in clarified.

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The main difference between disciple and also apostle is that disciple describes a follower and also student of a teacher whereas apostle refers to the messenger and also ambassador.

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Comparison Table (Apostle vs Disciple)

Basic state Apostle Disciple
MeaningRefers come the messenger and ambassador of Christ.Refers come the follower and also student the a teacher (Messiah)
ReferenceHe is one ambassador of the gospelHe is a student of the gospel the Jesus Christ
OriginIt is acquired from a Greek word apostolos which way an ambassadorIt is acquired from a Greek native mathaytes which method a student
ChoiceApostle is chosen to serve the master and sentA disciple is space called and also choose to believe
Who IsA person who spread the gospelIs the learner of the teachings and philosophies
PersonificationAll are disciplesNot all are apostles
FollowersThere were originally 12 apostles of ChristThere are numerous followers of Jesus Christ

Who Is an Apostle?

An apostle is a messenger and also ambassador that Jesus Christ. These are people responsible for the spread of the an excellent gospel throughout the time the Christ.

Keep in mind that apostles are preferred to serve and also sent by their master. As well as that, all apostles were at the moment the disciples.

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Main Difference in between Apostle and Disciple in suggest Form

Apostles are preferred whereas disciples are calledApostles spread out the gospel whereas disciples partake the teachings that the gospelApostles were originally 12 in number whereas disciples to be so manyApostles room an ambassador the the gospel conversely, disciples are the college student of the gospelAll apostles were when disciples whereas not all disciples room apostles

Similarities in between Apostle and also Disciple

Both belief in Jesus ChristBoth are conscious of the gospel of peaceBoth space followers of the Jesus ChristBoth surname are acquired from Greek words

Faqs around Apostle and Disciple

Is it the 12 disciples or Apostles?

According come Christian theology and ecclesiology, apostle were described the 12 practical worker of Jesus in the new Testament.

Which Disciples become Apostles?

The practical worker who come to be apostles space Simon (whom he named Peter), his brothers Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James boy of Alphaeus, Simon that was referred to as the Zealot, Judas child of James, and also Judas Iscariot.

How many Apostles go Jesus Have?

According come the bible, Jesus Christ names 12 apostles to spread his gospel. These are individuals that spearheaded the rapid expansion of the beforehand Christian church.

Comparison Video


According come Christianity, a disciple is a student or follower of Jesus and his teachings. On the other hand, an apostle is an ambassador whose obligation is come preach the gospel the Jesus Christ.

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Therefore, these 2 terms cannot be offered interchangeably and taken to average the same thing. However, both apostles and disciples space terms typically found in the bible.