In Christianity, the disciples to be the student of Jesus throughout his ministry. If Jesus attracted a large following, the hatchet disciple is typically used to refer particularly to the twelve apostles.

In addition, the gospels and the publication of Acts describe varying number of disciples that range between 70 and also 120 to a "growing multitude".

The native disciple is supplied today as a way of self-identification for those who seek to learn from the teachings that Jesus, such as the Sermon on the Mount.

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Comparison chart

Apostle versus Disciple comparison graph
ApostleDiscipleMeaning Origin of words Etymylogy Term referenced somewhere else
An apostle is a messenger and ambassador. Someone who champions a critical reform movement, id or reason (more for this reason in the Christian context). A disciple is a follower and also student of a mentor, teacher, or any kind of other way person. Someone who accepts and also helps in dispersing the teachings of another or simply put one that learns any kind of art or science.
An apostle was originally and usually referred to the at an early stage followers the Jesus who spread the Christian post to the people or to a person of the Christian missionary designated to spread out the Christian message. The term disciple is no solely associated with any details person or association.
Middle English, native Old English apostol and also from Old French apostle, both from so late Latin apostolus, from Greek apostolos Middle English, native Old English discipul and from Old French desciple, both indigenous Latin discipulus, pupil, from discere, to learn; watch dek- in Indo-European roots.
"The Apostle" is the title of a blockbuster movie starring Robert Duvall. "The Disciple" is the title of a movie starring gyeongju Owens.

Differences in meaning

While a disciple is a student, one that learns from a teacher, one apostle is sent to deliver those teachings come others. "Apostle" way messenger, he that is sent. An apostle is sent out to deliver or spread out those teachings come others. Words "apostle" has actually two meanings, the larger definition of a messenger and the narrow definition to represent the twelve civilization directly attached to Jesus Christ.

We deserve to say the all apostles were disciples however all disciples room not apostles. Jesus decided twelve Disciples and also this inner circle of men happened known together Apostles who were entrusted to spread out the message of Jesus throughout the civilization so that eventually there would be numerous Disciples.

Origins that the indigenous Apostle and Disciple

The ax apostle became used after Ascension the Jesus. The Christian assembly specifies Apostle together "a preliminary to selection of replacement of Judas". Paul is additionally known as an apostle because he was awarded this title by Jesus himself.

The apostolic age involved an finish when the critical apostle died around 100AD. There are many disciples the Christianity dispersing the native of Jesus also today. Yet there are no true apostle in Christian church today.

References in cinema

The Apostle is the location of a blockbuster movie starring Robert Duvall.The Disciple is additionally a movie, starring race Owens.

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Differences in etymylogy

Apostle: center English, indigenous Old English apostol and from Old French apostle, both of i beg your pardon are obtained from late Latin apostolus, which consequently is derived from Greek apostolos Disciple: center English, from Old English discipul and also from Old French desciple, both derived from Latin discipulus, pupil, indigenous discere, to learn; view dek- in Indo-European roots.