While no one would certainly mistake Galveston through Miami, the truth is the it has quickly grown into one of the busiest cruise ports outside of Florida. This day both Carnival and Royal Caribbean sail from the island, with royal Caribbean homeporting one of its largest Oasis-class ships in ~ the Texas port.

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For tens of millions of Texans, the harbor is within a few hours drive. However as Galveston grows as a port, it’s only herbal that an ext people paris in for their cruise.

The only real complaint around cruising indigenous Galveston is that getting to the cruise terminal can more challenging if you must fly in for your cruise. Unlike cities like Miami or Tampa, i m sorry have surrounding airports, Galveston is a significant distance from the closest major airport.

For many people, the option is to fly into one of Houston’s two airports. The city is offered by Houston hobby (HOU) and also Bush-Intercontinental (IAH). That provides it even an ext confusing because that cruisers that aren’t acquainted with the area or the airports to decision which one they should fly into.

To assist out those passengers trying to decide which airport is far better for your trip, we have actually all the details around both as it relates come cruising from Galveston.

(Note: Galveston does have a small local airportminutes indigenous the cruise ships. However, the does no offer continuous commercial company at this time. If you are a pilot or want to charter a flight, however, it can be an option.)

Airport street from the harbor of Galveston

Both Houston Hobby and Intercontinental space located much from the port. Houston understanding is substantially closer, sitting on the southeast side of Houston, compared to Intercontinental’s location due north of the city. In total, you should allot between 45 minutes (Hobby) to an hour and also 15 minute (Intercontinental), at the very least.

Houston Hobby41 miles from harbor of Galveston45-minute ride there is no traffic

Houston Intercontinental70 mile from port of Galveston75-minute ride there is no traffic

Map data: Google

One point to keep in mind is the Houston is notorious for its website traffic (even in ~ odd hours) many thanks to road construction. That’s why we suggest enabling up to dual the “non-traffic” time just to provide yourself many of time to obtain to the ship.

Given the distance, us would always suggest flying into Houston the day prior to you sail. If your trip arrives early enough on the morning of your cruise, you need to have sufficient time to make it to the port. However, any delays might mean friend risk lacking the delivery on cruise day.

Airline organization for Houston Airports

There is no doubt that Houston Hobby’s location makes the much more convenient because that passengers headed to Galveston. Unfortunately, hobby is considerably smaller in terms of airlines servicing the plane when contrasted to Intercontinental.

Houston understand is mainly a Southwest destination. The airline dominates company from the airport. However, there space flights native Delta, American Airlines, and also Allegiant.

Houston Intercontinental is the city’s largest airport and likewise offers the most trip service. here you’ll find nearly every airline available, consisting of Southwest. If you space flying from an international destination, you will likely have actually no selection but come fly into this airport. In addition, IAH is a joined hub, which serves airports approximately the country and also the world.

Transportation choices to Galveston indigenous Airports

Both airports will certainly offer comparable service for transportation, consisting of taxis, cruise line shuttles, automobile rentals, and also independent shuttles come the port of Galveston.

The major difference is getting indigenous Intercontinental to the cruise ships take away considerably an ext time and money than contrasted to Houston Hobby.

For example, the main Carnival shuttle in between IAH and the cruise harbor runs $94 per human round trip, contrasted to $74 from Houston Hobby. Other services, consisting of taxis will watch an even larger price jump in between the 2 airports.


Many people pick to usage a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft or independent shuttles as they room the cheapest choices available. Either way, mean to spend at least $100 because that roundtrip transport to Galveston for a couple taking a cruise. Read an ext about transportation to Galveston here.

Which Houston airplane Is more Convenient come Galveston?

While we live in the area, if we had actually to paris in for a cruise, climate we’d choose Houston hobby 10 times the end of 10. The shorter distance between Hobby and the cruise port provides the airplane much much more convenient to get to the cruise ship. Also, we like that understand is a lot smaller airport in general, making it much easier to gain in and out.

The just hang-up is that Bush-Intercontinental functions many an ext flights. That means cruisers paris to sail from Galveston could find a cheaper trip into Intercontinental or one that far better meets their schedule.

For us, we would have to save much more than $100 per human being on a ring trip trip to make the extra distance and also cost of acquiring to the port worth our while. That said, it’s clever to find for flights right into both, just to make certain you’re getting the best price and time for your trip.

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