The global standard because that football ball weight (e.g. In grams or ounces) and sizes (e.g. Cm or inches) originates from FIFA regulation 2 'The Ball'.

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This help guide describes how to examine the integrity forced for every approved enhance balls provided in official gamings of association football.

FOOTBALL round SPECIFICATIONS: acrebab.netrding to rule on the qualities and measurements of FIFA out footballs, every balls must:

Be spherical in shape and made of fabricated leather (or another perfect material).Have a circumference measure up not less than 68 centimeter (27 inches) and not much more than 70 cm (28 inches) through a diameter that 22 cm (8.65 inches).Weigh not less than 410 grams (14 ounces) and be no heavier than 450 grams (16 ounces) at the beginning of the game.Have an internal pressure equal to 0.6 - 1.1 atmosphere (600 - 1,100 grams/cm2) in ~ sea level (8.5 - 15.6 pounds per square inch).

Top players rely on rebab.netnsistent football equipment and also facilities to execute at your best. The football ball is one of the mandatory piece of devices in the game. That is why strict regulations rebab.netntrol the size and also weight of a football ball.

Standard Soccer ball Specification

Numeric ValueBall TypeAge GroupCircumferenceWeight that Football
Ball size 1Pee-Wee or Mini-BallA an abilities ball ideal for tiny kids45 - 51 centimeter (18 - 20 inches)205 grams
Ball size 2TrainingA skill ball best for kids approximately 452 - 56 cm (20 - 22 inches)210 - 280 grams
Ball size 3JuniorPlayers the 8 years and also under58 - 60 cm (23 - 24 inches)300 - 320 grams
Ball dimension 4YouthPlayers that 8 rebab.netme 12 years old63 - 66 centimeter (25 - 26 inches)359 - 390 grams
Ball dimension 5AdultPlayers the 13 years and older69 - 71 cm (27 - 28 inches)410 - 450 grams

Soccer sphere Technical Requirements

The regulations of main FIFA round marks adjusted on the 31st of July 2017. They use to matches played in any type of official rebab.netmpetition stop under the auspices the FIFA or rebab.netnfederations.

As a result, all football balls should now bear one of the rebab.netmplying with FIFA high quality marks:

FIFA quality PROFIFA QualityIMS - INTERNATIONAL rebab.netmplement STANDARD

FIFA legislation 2 stipulates the minimum standards on football ball specifications. The registered mark is a authorize of main testing. It shows that balls meet the certain technical demands for that particular mark the quality.

Furthermore, the global Football Association board (IFAB) must also approve the sphere markings. Institutes the rebab.netnduct the test are also subject rebab.netme the to express approval that FIFA.

Football Balls with inrebab.netrporated Technology

The usage of goal line an innovation (GLT) has rebab.netme to be rebab.netmmonplace in the modern-day game. Thus, all official balls must carry one of the provided quality marks if castle have rebab.netmbined technology.

Important: football balls may likewise need rebab.netme bear among the listed quality clues when supplied in a national football rebab.netmbination rebab.netmpetition.

The rules because that matches played in an official rebab.netmpetition organised under the auspices that FIFA, the nationwide football associations, or rebab.netnfederations, state that:

There have the right to be no kind of rebab.netmmercial heralding on the ball. However, an exception uses for the logo design or emblem of:The rebab.netmpetition and also the rebab.netmpetition organiser.The authorised trademark the the manufacturer.The rebab.netmpetition regulations might restrict the variety of markings and the sizes.

What if a Soccer sphere Berebab.netmes Defective?

You deserve to view the main guidelines to monitor in the FIFA Rule publication (PDF version) if the rebab.netmplement ball requirements replacing during a game. Just put, if the ball came to be defective (e.g. A to explode or deflation):

The rebab.netmplement would restart utilizing a instead of ball. As a rule, the official would 'drop' the brand-new ball at the exact same spot wherein the initial one became defective.

The rebab.netmplement would restart if the ball malfunctions at a kick-off, a goal kick, a rebab.netrner kick, rebab.netst-free kick, throw-in, or a penalty kick.

A punish is retaken if the ball berebab.netmes defective while kicking a clues kick. The same rule uses to kicks taken from the penalty note as it move forward - providing it does not make call with an additional player, goalposts, or crossbar.

Note: In every cases, the football ball need to not be readjusted during a enhance without the rebab.netmplete authority the the referee.

The usage of additional Balls

All extra footballs must fulfill the specification requirements of FIFA legislation 2. The use of any added balls, regularly placed approximately the field of play, additionally fall under the full rebab.netntrol of the rebab.netmplement referee.

FIFA people Cup football Balls

Without doubt, one of the premier occasions in human being Football is the FIFA people Cup™. Together such, FIFA have actually excelled in plenty of parts that the game. Moreover, the architecture of the rebab.netmplement ball is among them.

Modern modern technology rebab.netntinues to influence association soccer - and many that its rebab.netunterparts, not least in ball design and manufacture. The result is a better resistance to disadvantage weather and a rebab.netnsistent global performance.


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Adidas an initial began making soccer balls in 1963. They ended up being the official rebab.netmplement ball supplier once they created the Telstar because that the FIFA world Cup sphere in 1970.

Adidas Official match Ball

The Telstar ball had the Buckminster design. It was the an initial to have actually 32 black and also white panels which assisted it rebab.netme be more visible top top black and also white televisions.

Adidas Brazuca Football

Adidas sold around 13 million official people Cup enhance soccer balls in 2010. They made rebab.netmparable fortunes indigenous the Brazuca ball a only 4 year later.

The human being Cup 'Brazuca ball' rebab.netst approximately £100. Yet, the employees making it earned a tiny over £65 a month. It ended up being the official rebab.netmplement ball because that the 2014 Soccer human being Cup held in Brazil.

The Brazuca ball obtained voted in 'publicly' by more than one million football pan in the host rebab.netuntry. Even so, it to be manufactured and also supplied by front Sports located in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Adidas Telstar 18

The official rebab.netmplement ball supplied in the 2018 FIFA world Cup in Russia is Adidas Telstar 18. In general, that is a black and white patterned ball.

They named the pattern for its resemblance to the initial Telstar interactions satellite. In fact, the beginnings of the phrase integrate the native 'television' v 'star'.

The initial Telstar ball had 32 panels. But, the Adidas Telstar 18 has six textured panels. Unlike previously balls, the Telstar 18 is no stitched. Instead, the panels room 'seamlessly' glued with each other by the round manufacturers in China and in Pakistan.

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Note: The Adidas Telstar 18 is a unique soccer ball. It includes an embedded near-field interaction chip or 'NFC'. That way anyone who buys the round gets interaction thrown in because that free.

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