As much as I recognize $\ceSO4^2-$ structure, sulfur provides two coordinate bonds with two oxygen atoms and two dual bonds are developed with oxygen after ~ sulfur expands it"s valance shell to 6. In ~ this suggest calculating formal charge of those two coordinate external inspection oxygen gives complete formal fee of −2 and also the formal fee on $\ce S$ and also the double bonded $\ce O$ is zero. Thus the minus 2 fee on $\ceSO4^2-$ deserve to be shown yet initially all the atoms were neutral. When making bonds electron were common only.

How go excess 2 an unfavorable charge popular music up?

Please help, ns am absolutely making some mistakes



The ion is no one S atom and also 4 O atom together. The ion on the whole is having two an unfavorable charges, hence it is somewhat like 1Sulphur + 4 Oxygen+2 electrons. The is no as though there was one sulphur and also four neutral oxygen atoms, and also they ended up being negatively charged throughout bond formation. The bond have to have formed in some reaction, and also in the reaction the charge would have been conserved.

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Tho sulfur and also oxygen are not neutral atoms. The oxidation state of sulfur is 6+, and of every oxygen is 2-. That slightly help to think about it as being external inspection ionically, even though the bond nature is fairly covalent. Together it every ends up gift 2-.


There space partial charges on the S and the O in SO4<2->, the Sulfate ion. Sulfate ion are discovered in sulfuric acid = H2SO4, i beg your pardon ionizes into SO4<2-> + 2 H+

Oxygen is electro-negative. It has actually a partial an unfavorable charge. Think that water = H2O, which can break down into H+ and OH-.With oxygen pulling the electrons toward itself, the sulfur gets a partial optimistic charge.

Sulfur deserve to have one of two people a partial confident charge or a partial an unfavorable charge. Hydrogen Sulfide = H2S, i beg your pardon can breakdown to H+ and also HS- .


An S atom has actually 6 valence electrons and a O atom has actually 6 valence elections

SO4 => (6x1) + (6x4) = 30 valence electrons

We would need 32 valence electrons for 4 complete outer shells(8x4) however only have 30. For this reason the charge is 2- because that the ion.

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