Antananarivo is the capital and also largest city that Madagascar. It has actually the largest population density of the island due to the fact that the 18th century. The is the political, cultural, educational and economic love of the country. In short, the city, well-known as Tana, uses its visitors a wide selection of well eating, shopping, purchase options.

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Where is Antananarivo?

The city is likewise the facility of Analamanga. Located at an altitude that 1,280 meters, the city is situated in the middle of the island.

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When go Antananarivo become the Capital?


Madagascar was started in 1625 by King Andrianjaka. The city was called “Antananarivo” (“City that the Thousands”) since of the fact that there were numerous soldiers under protection. Even before becoming one of the early american cities of the French Empire, it came to be a large city.

During the power of the Kingdom the Imerina, Antananarivo became the capital. ~ the death of King Andriamasinavalona in 1710, Imerina was divided into four regions and also became the capital of the southern region of Antananarivo. Andrianampoinimerina, king that the critical Ambohimanga, successfully dominated Antananarivo in 1793 and ended the polite war, pass the districts of Imerina together. In 1794, he returned the kingdom’s political funding to Antananarivo.

After World battle II, the city increased rapidly. After self-reliance in 1960, the growth rate increased. Antananarivo has maintained its resources status until today.

Features that Antananarivo


Antananarivo has actually a population of 1,391,433 follow to 2018 estimates. The Antananarivo has actually an area the ​​88 square kilometers. Antananarivo has actually a hot and also rainy climate throughout November and April, and also a dry and cold procedure between May and also October. The high plateaus have a cool and also dry climate. An worldwide airport is situated in Antananarivo.

The capital and also largest city that Madagascar, Antananarivo is additionally known together Tana. That is the most important economic, politics and cultural city the the country. Antananarivo is a multicultural city the houses human being from various ethnic groups.

The Madagascar cook is mostly produced by the affect of Polynesian Malay, African, Arabs, Indians and Europeans. In the country where rice is the key food, vegetables and fruits have critical place in the eating habits. The island grows fruit such together pineapple, mango, peach, grape, avocado and leaching. Many used meats space chicken, beef and fish. Laoka do from cook food offered on rice is a very common type of food. It is often served v a variety of sauce. In high regions, this sauces are primarily tomato and also coconut milk is added to the seaside areas.

Important places to watch in Antananarivo


The city center has many historical and cultural legacies, although it does not enable visitors come visit the city through uncontrolled traffic and environmental pollution. In particular, the Haute-Ville area is a must-see for its magnificent early american architecture, and also its cool climate, despite its slopes. There are also an excellent markets and also shops whereby you deserve to buy neighborhood handicrafts at very affordable prices. You deserve to visit the city by taxi, bus and on foot. If you take a taxi through the driver you should talk come the price. Perform not skip the fact that over there is a lot of traffic in the city center. Buses are fairly affordable but extremely crowded.

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Ranta, Andafiavaratra Palace and also Lake Anosy room the locations to watch in Antananarivo.