Taylor Swift has actually revealed a lot about herself v her music end the last eight years. Favourite color? Red, duh. Ideal year or she life? 22 of course. Happy number? normally it's 13. Yet what TV display does she party watch ~ above the weekends like the remainder of us? What superpower would certainly she choose?

When I had actually the chance to talk to the seven-time Grammy compensation winner at she Keds Perfect Pairs event at Nordstrom in Los Angeles yesterday, I decided to find out! ns asked a collection of rapid-fire questions designed to expose some cold, difficult facts (you know, prefer what's her heart animal), all in really hopes of offering you a tiny extra insight into among the world's greatest stars.

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Wearing highlight blue eyeliner and also one of her numerous signature quick sleeve dresses in a corresponding shade of cobalt, Taylor graciously took the warm seat, and also here's what she had actually to say:

What's the last publication you read?

A book around Zelda Fitzgerald.

What's the critical website you visited?

Anthropologie.com. And real heritage websites i beg your pardon I have to stop doing.

What's the last tune you listened to?

"Cop Car" through Keith Urban. You gotta listen to it. It's mine jam.

What's the last song you sang along to?

"Sing" by Ed Sheeran.

What's the last movie watched?

Runaway Bride.

What's the critical TV show you watched?

Friends last night—a marathon!

What's the last app used?

An astrology one. And also it simply said, "Be yourself today." and I was like, thanks? It's like when you acquire a very generic fortune cookie and you're like, "This doesn't help me. I really needed you today and also you didn't give me something real." i think I must buy the genuine app. I don't think they offer you a lot of on the free one.

What's the last museum or monument you visited?

The Met since I was at the Met Ball. Friend walk through the entire museum exhibition to obtain to the party. Ns think put on a round gown and being through your friend is quite sick.

What's the last gift you gave a friend?

It to be random—one the those tiny tiny emergency kit that have all the things in that a girl would certainly need, like a mini sewing kit. You know, those small glittery bags girlfriend can obtain at Sephora and put in your purse.

What's your spirit animal?

A fox. Due to the fact that they need to run and also hide a lot and also I have to run and hide a many too. I didn't median that to sound sad! In mine head it sound like much more of a statement and also when I claimed it, the sounded choose something you say prior to you cry.

If you had actually one supermacht what would certainly it be?

Healing people.

What's her motto?

"I got 99 problems"—no, I'm just kidding. Did you ever watch the movie Love Actually wherein Hugh Grant's voiceover says, "If you look around, love in reality is all around"? That's my favourite motto.

As you have the right to see, ns left emotion a tiny bit more enlightened about our favorite Nashville export. And also maybe likewise a teeny bit smug—when her following hit single comes out and also talks about fos, I'll know precisely what she means.

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