What space the results of the Lure and Luck of the Sea fishing pole enchantments, and also how lot does each higher level of the enchantments enhance the effect?



From the MC Wiki http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Enchanting#Enchantments

Luck the the Sea:

Decreases odds of catching worthless junkLowers possibility of "junk" catches by 2.5% per level and also increases possibility of "treasure" captures by 1% every level.

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In 1.9: Lowers opportunity of Junk and also Increases opportunity of treasure by 2% every level. Reduces chance of fish by 0.15% per level.


Increases price of fish biting your hookDecreases time prior to fish bite her hook through 5 seconds per level. Additionally decreases chances of both "junk" and also "treasure" captures by 1% every level.

In 1.9: no much longer affects booty tables. Over there is no readjust in junk and also treasure chances.

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easy version

luck the sea: lowers chance of junk

lure: renders fish bite much more often

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On a fishing pole the entice enchantment book makes it easier to obtain fish.

On a fishing pole the luck of the sea enchantment book decreases the % of obtaining stupid junk prefer name tags and also saddles.

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