I took the PCAT yesterday and also I’m not sure what’s thought about a good PCAT score. My percentiles were 58 in bio, 61 in chem, 99 in an essential reading and 72 in quantitative reasoning. My in its entirety percentile to be 87. I’m reasoning this is good, yet I’m no sure because I recognize it can vary in between standardized tests. Thank in advance.

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Your composite score is really good, I had actually my exam yesterday too and also I scored greater than friend in every part except analysis that i did really bad and I got 40 percentile, however my composite score is 70!!!! I'm hoping they don't look in ~ my reading too much yet I candid think you space all great cuz you have actually a an excellent balance between everything good luck to you

Thank you so much! from what I understand the percentiles are type of weird. Like the actually allude difference in between my bio and also chem was just one suggest but it to be 3 percentile points. For this reason I’m not surprised one score effected the so weird. They will most likely be really happy to see you high chem and bio scores! good luck come you as well

You definitely did well. A great score is honestly loved one to which colleges you are applying for. Our class has an median of 77, while other scores have actually a ceiling minimum. Some institutions I looked at have actually at least over 50, while others were over 25. Just depends on the school, but great job!

Back when I taught the PCAT course in 2013, the mean acceptance to be a 67 composite. Some institutions weigh the PCAT heavily, while others may care more about GPA. That score is well above average because that acceptance, and also if you feel the require to define why girlfriend didn't execute well top top a specific section, walk for it. Castle most most likely won't ask around it though.

Some schools consider the math/bio/chemistry scores much more than the composite score. It counts on whereby you are applying. My school aimed for 50 percentile in chem and bio. Look at the institutions you want to use for, I’m sure they’ll have it on your website

Listen, i was i stopped over gaining an 81 composite, however was quiet worried i wouldn't gain into my existing top 25 school. I had actually both great GPA and resume to ago it up, however, so i wasn't also surprised I acquired in.

First 2 months I discovered out some of my classmates obtained in with composites under a score that 25. Talk about quickly sapping any type of amount of pride i had.

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Long story short, if you take it the PCAT you are guaranteed admittance come the college of your choice. Prior to you commit, you re welcome do more research on the field. Ns am happy to provide detail if you article me. But the statistics are out there. U.S. Government shows 0% demand for pharmacologists over the next decade, but the it is provided of pharmacologists grows by 16k each year. Due to the fact that you acquired an 87 I figure you're smart enough to establish what that way for brand-new grads and also the enlarge pharmacists.