Food contamination comes in many forms; it can be biological contamination, chemical air pollution or physical contamination. Each form of danger comes with danger to the end user and every one of them can create costly troubles for the manufacturer.

Biological pollution is the presence of microbes, such as salmonella and also listeria, if chemical pollution refers come substances in our food favor antibiotics, clean agents and also pesticides.

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Physical air pollution takes place when a foreign object by chance gets right into food products, or when herbal objects space left in food. Food can become contaminated at numerous different points throughout the production and also manufacturing process, or even through substandard methods in the food chain before it get a manufacturing facility.

Being able to identify and eliminate physics contaminants is crucial in keeping finish users of your food product for sure — and also in keeping your organization out the trouble.

What Qualifies together a physical Contaminant?

According come the FDA, physical contaminants come in 2 categories: hard/sharp physical hazards and also choking hazards. Both the these space dangerous if left undetected, because they can reason injuries such as laceration of the throat, mouth and intestines. They can lead to dental damages or choking, and in some instances can even result in death.

Some that the more common instances of physics contaminants incorporate glass, metal, rubber, bone, wood, stone and plastic. Here’s a closer look at at exactly how some that those contaminants find their way into food products.

Outside resources of physics Contamination

Metal: metal can finish up in food commodities during both the farming process and through different stages that food processing. If a steel blade snaps throughout the cutting or harvesting of plants, fragments of steel from the blade might be unknowingly passed along in the food. Throughout processing, a maker may lose a nut or a bolt that falls into the food, or a damaged piece of equipment may develop metal fragments and shavings that land in the food.

Glass: whenever the production procedure includes the use of glass containers, there’s a danger that part glass will finish up in the product. Mechanized dealing with of the glass deserve to increase the possibilities of breakage, however glass pollution can occur through any form of packaging method. In some cases, glass fragments can even get right into the food together a an outcome of overhead lights breaking in a production facility.

Plastic: When infrastructure use difficult plastic tools and equipment (paddles, buckets, sieves, etc.), the plastic deserve to wear under over time. This leads to cracks and also breakage, and, if no detected, the plastic can end up in the food product. In 2018, plastic topped the perform of foreign contaminants found in food.


Rubber: air pollution of food with rubber assets increased 22% from 2015 come 2016, i m sorry underscores just how vital it is to monitor food products. Rubber is a generally used material in manufacturing, offering seals and also O-rings to avoid leakage right into the food. However, as soon as they undertake out, they deserve to break right into fragments and also fall right into the food product.

Wood: Wood fragments can be uncovered in all types of food products; lock are frequently the an outcome either of timber pallets supplied for delivering the food or from wooden utensils and equipment supplied in the manufacturing process.

Stone: Stones and also rocks are commonly a herbal contaminant that occurs beforehand in the food chain. When the stones and also rocks themselves room not toxic, like countless other physical contaminants, they can be choking risks or reason internal injury if swallowed.

Bone: many meat commodities are contaminated by bone; any food producer that works through meat commodities runs the hazard of skeleton in the food. One solution plenty of producers revolve to is to use deboned meat together the life ingredient. Castle may likewise use a specialization bone remove system throughout grinding operations.

The an obstacle in taking care of food contamination often lies in detection. Physics inspection won’t help you locate international materials embedded in the food product, i beg your pardon is why X-ray inspections have come to be increasingly an ext popular among food producers.

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Eliminating Physical air pollution in your Food Products

According come the FDA, many physical food contaminants can be prevented by changing processes within a facility. However, even the many stringent processes will sometimes go awry.

Machines will certainly break down, gaskets will wear out, tools will break, jars will shatter. No issue how many processes and safeguards room in place, yes no guarantee that they will job-related with 100% performance every time.

With leading modern technology that deserve to detectfragments the metal, bone, plastic, gasket, glass and more— also if those contaminants room as little as 0.8mm (or in part cases, also smaller) — has come to be the firm that food producers trust to ensure that their product is free from debris and also physical contamination.

Serving food producer from small, regional companies to significant international providers, we have the food X-ray inspection options you’re searching for to carry out you with peace of mind — and also to ensure you’re not sidelined by costly food recalls or lawsuits related to physical contamination.