A voluntary response sample have the right to be defined as a sample consisted of of participants who have voluntarily liked to participate as a part of the sample group.

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Participants in a voluntary solution sample usually choose to respond to surveys due to the fact that they have a solid opinion on the subject of the survey. This is why voluntary an answer samples tend to give rise to substantially biased results, as most of those who participate will have a strong opinion about a subject in either direction. An additional reason why people participate is because of the convenience of authorized the survey. 

Voluntary solution sampling is thought about a type of non-probability sampling technique because participants space self-chosen, and not selected by the researcher on a random basis.

Most of the researchers maintain relationships v such panelists by cultivate and profitable them for every survey finish using a inspection panel manager with a survey rewards suggest system integration. Produce survey prize points mechanism to ensure high survey an answer rates. 

An example of a voluntary response sample is as soon as TV present hosts that competitions, such as the American Idol, ask your viewers come send in your responses for who they think need to win the competition. Just viewers that have strong opinions on who must win will certainly send in their votes. Viewers who room indifferent towards the show and also its competitors will not send in their votes.

Voluntary an answer sampling is not helpful or applicable in many studies as it is highly susceptible to bias and also yields unreliable results. Instead, other sampling techniques should be offered such as straightforward random sampling, stratified arbitrarily sampling, or also purposive sampling.

Because that its disadvantages, voluntary solution sampling is not suited to research studies where the aim is to develop unbiased results. However, there are some cases where a voluntary solution sample have the right to be useful. Because that instance, it have the right to be used by the entertainment market by talk present hosts or radio hosts. When world watch talk shows or hear to the radio, they want to hear strong and unique opinions. In such situations voluntary response sampling is apt together respondents that do provide their opinion, will likely have actually a really strong stance on the subject.

Some establishments employ the use of voluntary solution sampling in advancement or marketing tactics to advertise their products. They can use it to influence existing client to begin advocating for the brand. This enhances the organization’s brand image which will in turn have actually positive effects on sales, revenues, and also profits.


There are four main characteristics of a voluntary response sample:

Easy to conference data:

It is basic to discover respondents because that a voluntary solution sample inspection as individuals currently have high an ideas to respond to the topic of the study, remove the require for the researcher to uncover respondents.

Biased responses:

As members in a voluntary solution sample are self-selected volunteers, they have tendency to have a view on the object that drops in one of two people extreme. This provides rise come biased and unreliable results.

Errors in data quality:

Highly biased responses will lead to very low quality of data collected. Calculate her margin that error making use of margin of error calculator.

Lack the coverage:

A absence of coverage occurs as soon as members the a population are not as necessary represented in the sample. Acquisition the example questioned above, just viewers of the TV display will give in your votes. World who carry out not follow the display or have actually a neutral opinion on the performances will not get involved in the survey and also will not send in their votes.

Inexpensive come conduct.Requires little effort on the component of the researcher.Easily feasible as volunteers deserve to be acquired in a fast and also inexpensive manner.
The researcher doesn’t have regulate over the composition of a sample.Results are very susceptible to prejudice as many respondents who volunteer have solid opinions ~ above the subject.


Respondents in a voluntary an answer sample have tendency to have a strong stance top top the topic i beg your pardon inevitably reasons a bias. In this kind of sampling, prejudice is practically unavoidable, but the complying with measures can be take away to prevent as much prejudice as possible.

Avoid complicated concepts: Avoid ideas that respondents may have trouble understanding.Break down an overwhelming concepts if they are used: If facility concepts should be used, break them down and simplify them because that the respondent.Do not influence the answers: for sure the survey does not affect the respondent’s prize in any type of way. Voluntary an answer samples currently tend to offer rise to biased outcomes so the is crucial to ensure more bias is not created.Use short and also clear questions: long and/or complicated questions may cause a respondent to gain bored or lose emphasis while answering. Questions have to be quick and clearly understandable.

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Provide exhaustive price options: The questions, and the answers, should be preserved simple. Each answer need to be support exhaustive so regarding not develop confusion for the respondent.