A funnel is a cone through a feet at the bottom that it. A hole tube (called a “neck”) is attached to it at the bottom where the feet is, so that stuff in the bowl of the cone will pass out v the hole and also through the tube.

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It is provided to carry food items right into containers v narrow tops. The objective of the funnel is to minimization spillage and wastage throughout transfer the the food item.

Various funnel designs and also uses

Funnels have the right to be provided for liquids, or fine-particled item such as flour, peppercorns, spices and also dried herbs,

Wide-mouthed persons are an excellent for moving dry goods and also chunky goods; narrow-mouthed persons are an excellent for liquids.

Some bowls may, instead of being cone-shaped, be favor a flat-bottomed bowl.

Funnels draft for carrying preserves into preserve jars have an extremely short, an extremely wide funnel tubes, in order come fit snugly along the inside rims of maintaining jars. They will additionally have an extremely wide mouths.

Some funnels have filter plates that you can put over their bottom feet so that they will certainly act together a strainer together well, because that items such as frying oil. Decanting funnels often additionally have straining screens that you insert into them to strain out sediment. These usually have actually a wide, bowl-shaped cone, v a half-hooped handle on your side.

Funnels deserve to be make of a steel such as stainless steel, or do of plastic or silicone. Not all metal ones might be dishwasher safe. Plastic ones have actually the benefit in the you have the right to squeeze them to hurry points along, but you can attain the same effect with metal ones by jiggling or shower them.

Some human being use steel ones to bake cake boobs to placed on figurine cakes.

Funnels room also good for children water-play centres.

Cooking Tips

You remainder the funnel, pipe side down, right into the open up orifice, and also start putting your food item through slowly.


You can make a make-shift funnel the end of tin foil, by doubling it up, and securing the joint. Or, a make-shift funnel the end of waxed or parchment paper will perform the trick because that dry goods.

History Notes

Cooks have actually used funnels due to the fact that at the very least Roman times.

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Torture techniques occurred during the Albigensian Inquisition associated a kind of funnel torture called the “toca”, in which a funnel do with fabric was put in the victim’s mouth and water continually flowed into his or she mouth.


A roman kitchen funnel with broken tip. Found at Saalburg near negative Homburg vor der Höhe, Hesse, Germany. Date to ca. 1st to 3rd century AD. Andreas Franzkowiak / wikimedia / 2009 / CC BY-SA 3.0