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Please Note: In the video clip the answer to 5/8 together a percent is 67.5%. This is incorrect. The correct answer is 62.5%.

A percent is a proportion (fraction) whose denominator is 100.

To convert a fraction to percent form, form a relationship by setting the fraction equal to

and solve because that P.


Write 5/8 in percent form.

Solution: set the fraction equal to P/100 and solve because that P:


Solve by setting cross products equal to every other.


500 = 8P

Divide through 8:

P =

= 62.5

5/8 = 62.5%

To transform from percent form to portion form:

Drop the percent sign and also place the value over 100. Then leveling the fraction.


Write 55% in fraction form.


55% =


Reduce the fraction:


in percent form.
a. 6%
b. 6.25%
c. 24%
d. 25%
Write 18% in reduced portion form.

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