Convert customs fractions to decimal, transform decimal to customs fractions, convert inches to metric measurements, convert metric measurements to inch fractions, and also convert come feet automatically.

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Inch fractions use denominators that are powers that 2 and also go up to the 64th of one inch. That way the portion denominators will certainly be 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and also 64. Together a result, converting a decimal to an inch fraction is not as simple as detect the nearest fraction.

Instead, that is essential to find the nearest fraction with the denominator that is a strength of 2, additionally known together a dyadic portion or dyadic reasonable number.<1> common inch fractions will certainly look something choose 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, or 1/2. Use our feet and also inches calculator to include or subtract feet and also inch fractions.


Finding dimensions on a ruler or ice measure can be confusing at first, however once friend understand exactly how the marks are laid out, then it is far simpler. The markings in between the bigger inch numbers vary in length.

The longest markings will be the quarter inch markings, i.e. The very first marking is 1/4 inch, the 2nd is 1/2 (2/4) inch, the 3rd is 3/4 inch.

The next longest markings will certainly be the eighth-inch markings, i.e. The first marking is 1/8 inch, the 2nd is 3/8 inch, the 3rd is 5/8 inch, etc.

The next longest markings will be the sixteenth-inch markings, i.e. The first marking is 1/16 inch, the 2nd is 3/16 inch, the 3rd is 5/16 inch, etc.


Download a totally free printable ruler with portion measurements significant to assist learn exactly how to uncover the customs fractions for a measurement and also for simple reading.
To convert inch fractions to metric measurements, usage our handy size measurement switch tools. Convert from inches to metric or royal measurements or centimeters to inches.

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Inch fraction Conversion graph – fraction Decimal and Metric Equivalents

See indistinguishable length measurements in fraction, decimal, and metric as much as one inch in 1⁄64” increments. Usage this to transform decimals to inches and also millimeters.

Inch fountain to the 1/64 of one inch and the tantamount decimal values in inches and also metric worths in millimetersFraction(inches)Decimal(inches)Metric(millimeters)
1/64″0.015625″0.396875 mm
1/32″0.03125″0.79375 mm
3/64″0.046875″1.190625 mm
1/16″0.0625″1.5875 mm
5/64″0.078125″1.984375 mm
3/32″0.09375″2.38125 mm
7/64″0.109375″2.778125 mm
1/8″0.125″3.175 mm
9/64″0.140625″3.571875 mm
5/32″0.15625″3.96875 mm
11/64″0.171875″4.365625 mm
3/16″0.1875″4.7625 mm
13/64″0.203125″5.159375 mm
7/32″0.21875″5.55625 mm
15/64″0.234375″5.953125 mm
1/4″0.25″6.35 mm
17/64″0.265625″6.746875 mm
9/32″0.28125″7.14375 mm
19/64″0.2968757.540625 mm
5/16″0.3125″7.9375 mm
21/64″0.328125″8.334375 mm
11/32″0.34375″8.73125 mm
23/64″0.359375″9.128125 mm
3/8″0.375″9.525 mm
25/64″0.390625″9.921875 mm
13/32″0.40625″10.31875 mm
27/64″0.421875″10.715625 mm
7/16″0.4375″11.1125 mm
29/64″0.453125″11.509375 mm
15/32″0.46875″11.90625 mm
31/64″0.484375″12.303125 mm
1/2″0.5″12.7 mm
33/64″0.515625″13.096875 mm
17/32″0.53125″13.49375 mm
35/64″0.546875″13.890625 mm
9/16″0.5625″14.2875 mm
37/64″0.578125″14.684375 mm
19/32″0.59375″15.08125 mm
39/64″0.609375″15.478125 mm
5/8″0.625″15.875 mm
41/64″0.640625″16.271875 mm
21/32″0.65625″16.66875 mm
43/64″0.671875″17.065625 mm
11/16″0.6875″17.4625 mm
45/64″0.703125″17.859375 mm
23/32″0.71875″18.25625 mm
47/64″0.734375″18.653125 mm
3/4″0.75″19.05 mm
49/64″0.765625″19.446875 mm
25/32″0.78125″19.84375 mm
51/64″0.796875″20.240625 mm
13/16″0.8125″20.6375 mm
53/64″0.828125″21.034375 mm
27/32″0.84375″21.43125 mm
55/64″0.859375″21.828125 mm
7/8″0.875″22.225 mm
57/64″0.890625″22.621875 mm
29/32″0.90625″23.01875 mm
59/64″0.921875″23.415625 mm
15/16″0.9375″23.8125 mm
61/64″0.953125″24.209375 mm
31/32″0.96875″24.60625 mm
63/64″0.984375″25.003125 mm
1″1.0″25.4 mm


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