bother Potter: 5 factors Luna have to Have been in Gryffindor (& 5 She was Rightfully inserted In Ravenclaw) In bother Potter, distinctive Luna Lovegood is a fan favorite. Though she"s sorted right into Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, she might likewise belong in Gryffindor house.

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Harry Potter Couples Luna and Rolf Scamander
Luna Lovegood is just one of Harry porter friends in ~ Hogwarts that is most prominent in his life, exterior of Ron and Hermione. While Luna might not come right into the publications until Harry Potter and also the order of the Phoenix, she eccentric personality and loyalty to her friends provides her memorable and also well-loved. If Luna can have plenty of traits of her Ravenclaw house, she also has fairly a few that would certainly make she fit in well together a Gryffindor.

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We’ve put together a perform of the 5 reasons why Luna have to have remained in Gryffindor and the five reasons why she was rightfully sorted right into Ravenclaw.

Ron, Luna, Neville, Hermione, Harry and Ginny are 6 that Rowling's huge Seven
one of the most talked-about and also cited Gryffindor characteristics is loyalty. While people of other dwellings can also be loyal, and also Hufflepuff is somewhat well-known for friendship and also loyalty too, that Gryffindors the are thought about the most loyal of all. These are the type of people who would certainly die for your friends and also risk every little thing for the things and also people they care for. In this sense, Luna is absolutely a Gryffindor. She is ready to go with Harry to save Sirius, and also her commitment to her friends is clear.

Luna Lovegood reading the Quibbler indigenous Harry Potter
While there are human being of every Hogwarts homes who are thought about cool and also popular and also those considered somewhat weird, Luna’s eccentricity absolutely makes the many sense for a Ravenclaw. While some Ravenclaws are much much more serious and studious, being brainy and also focused on intellect is regularly something linked with being eccentric too. Luna’s dreamy nature and also inquisitive mind absolutely make the many sense for someone in Ravenclaw.

Harry Ron Hermione Neville Luna and Ginny at the room of Mysteries
other than loyalty, among the key things the Gryffindors are recognized for is being exceptionally brave. If this bravery have the right to sometimes border ~ above reckless, Gryffindors space the most likely to placed their very own lives at hazard to save others. In this way, Luna would certainly make a an excellent Gryffindor. She reflects a the majority of bravery in the series when she is in Dumbledore"s Army and especially when she re-starts the DA along with Neville and Ginny once Hogwarts is being taken over by death Eaters.

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harry potter luna lovegood
there are many ways to be smart and also intelligent, and also being smart doesn"t automatically make girlfriend a Ravenclaw. This is made clean by the truth that Hermione, Hogwarts" smartest student, isn’t a Ravenclaw. One thing that to adjust Ravenclaw’s personally is the they frequently have an attention in understanding for its own sake. Countless Ravenclaws just love come learn, even if it is it’s about charms or conspiracy theories. In this way, Luna certainly exemplifies Ravenclaw.

being a Gryffindor from Harry Potter also way that girlfriend are likely to have a daring streak. While Luna isn’t constantly daring in the same method that who super reckless choose Harry is, she definitely has she daring side. This is displayed in the methods she’s willing to stick up for her friends and resist the Dark Arts. It’s likewise there in just how she is willing to it is in herself. That takes a most daring to live authentically, also if you gain made funny of for it.


when there are some simple traits that each Hogwarts house is connected with, over there are additionally other things to consider about how a human would fit into a house. Because that example, if Harry could have Slytherin traits, he wouldn’t have enjoyed the vibe or the human being there. This is likewise the instance with Luna. She is a bit more dreamy and removed, and also she likely wouldn’t have actually fit in through the Gryffindors, who are generally louder and an ext jock-like as a house.

when students in all of the homes can be figured out in their very own ways, Gryffindors are particularly known because that this trait. They can be a little bit intense in your determination, and they can additionally be pretty stubborn. This is another means that Luna would certainly fit in well as a Gryffindor. While quieter and also off in her own head, she can additionally be rather stubborn in her ideas. She isn’t conveniently swayed against what she thinks and also believes.

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if there are still differing levels the intellect among students in Ravenclaw, Luna is a smart person. There are many ways the a person have the right to be smart. There are book smarts, however there are likewise other kinds of intellect such as being creative, emotionally intelligent, and more. Luna is absolutely someone who has actually a many insight and also intelligence. Even though she might believe in part weird things since of she father, she can also think because that herself.

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This is another main reason why Luna would have made a good Gryffindor. When Ravenclaws can likewise be great friends, they seem a little much more individually-focused. Gryffindors, on the various other hand, are a small bit more community-minded and focused on others. Luna always comes to aid her friends when she can. She does for this reason by fighting alongside them, and providing emotional support, together as once she provides Harry assistance to cast his Patronus.

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since Gryffindors often tend to be a little an ext extroverted and focused on others around them, and a bit prone to attention-seeking and recklessness, they do seem to treatment what world think about them. While Luna does treatment enough to want friends, she no really care if she’s perceived as weird. She has a lot more individuality and creativity 보다 your mean Gryffindor.