It’s quite usual to wonder just how to usage a tampon because that the first time. Our comprehensive guide will define how come insert a tampon properly and also choose the ideal size.

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If you’ve never ever tried putting in a tampon before, you’re not alone. Follow to Euromonitor, pads are the more popular duration product in America. The agency found the in 2014, women in between 12 and also 54 year old to buy an median of 111 pads every year, contrasted to 66 tampons.

Read on to learn just how to use a tampon, what species of tampons space available, and also how to choose the best ones.

Step 1: choosing the right size

Not every tampons space the same. Different brands may feel different and have different size and also material options. One point all tampon brands have actually in usual is that they carry out different levels of absorbency. Each manufacturer may have actually slightly various names for your sizes, however generally tampons space grouped with each other as:

Junior or slim, for really light daysRegular, for common rebab.netwSuper, for hefty daysSuper plus/ultra, for an extremely heavy rebab.netw

Each size indicates the amount of menstrual fluid it can absorb. If the tampon needs to be adjusted every few hours, it’s too small. If the maximum absorbency is still leading to leaks, utilizing a pad along with it can assist prevent stains.

Some tampons are sold in multipacks, with different sizes that tampons in every box. For example, some may come with eight slim tampons because that the first couple of days when periods may be lighter and also multiple larger sizes because that heavier circulation days.

It deserve to be valuable to keep multiple tampon sizes on hand to help prevent leaks. It also helps because that unpredictable periods and also irregular cycles.

Step 2: getting ready to put a tampon in

The very first thing to do is wash your hands to prevent dirt and also germs from acquiring into or close to the vagina.

Step 3: gaining into a comfortable position

Next, gain comfortable. That might mean placing one foot top top the close up door toilet seat, standing and also spreading the legs through knees slightly bent, or just sitting ~ above the toilet.

Before we get into technique, stop talk about anatomy. The tampon walk in the vaginal opening, located in between the urethra, whereby pee come out, and the anus. Utilizing a mirror can be beneficial to uncover exactly where the tampon goes. The quality opening generally looks an ext like one oval-shaped slit fairly than a ring hole.

The opening of the urethra is too small for a tampon, and also the vagina is a single canal, for this reason it’s not possible to put it in the not correct hole.

Step 4: Inserting a tampon

Tampons with applicators

Most tampons come with applicators do of cardboard or plastic. This applicators surround the cotton tampon and make it less complicated to insert it into the vagina.

Open the tampon wrapper and also take a look in ~ the tampon. Friend may have the ability to see the white cotton end of the tampon poking with one end of the applicator. In ~ the other end, there need to be a string, and the plastic or cardboard applicator surrounding the tampon itself. The applicator usually consists of 2 tubes, one within the other.

Take the tampon in one hand and gently insert it right into the vaginal opened (string next down) till you with the tiny indentation top top the applicator’s side, about halfway up. When holding onto the indentation through two fingers, push the applicator’s inside tube toward you through your index finger. Together you do this, the tampon will certainly slide the end from the applicator and also inside the body. Push gently and also slowly till it stops, and then traction the applicator out. You have the right to now throw the applicator away.

The string must be visible hanging under from the vagina. This is there to aid remove the tampon later. Inserting a tampon must never hurt. If the does, it may mean it’s as well absorbent or not inserted far enough. If component of the tampon is difficult out, push it in a little farther.

If yes sir resistance once inserting a tampon and the route isn"t clogged by the inner lips the the vagina, there might be an basic reason. In rarely cases, it"s feasible to it is in born through a very little opening in the hymen, which stays clear of a tampon from being inserted. If you’re having actually trouble inserting a tampon and also you think this can be the cause, make sure to visit a health care provider or gynecologist.

Non-applicator tampons

Some tampons are offered without applicators, yet they may be more an overwhelming to insert. Unwrap the tampon native the plastic.

Grab the string and pull it chop from left to right and also top come bottom, which widens the base of the tampon and also provides security for your finger. Put your index finger in the pocket you’ve made by relocating the wire around, and also hold the tampon between your thumb and middle finger.

Push the tampon inside v your index finger, and also then slide your finger out. The string must hang down external your body.

You shouldn’t be able to feel the tampon at all. If you perform feel it, press it a little bit aside from that in.

Finally, wash your hands. You done!

Step 5: remove a tampon

Tampons need to be gotten rid of and changed every four to eight hours, relying on the rebab.netw. Because that a heavy rebab.netw, the tampon may need come be adjusted every couple of hours. Pads are better to use for much longer periods (more than eight hours), such as once sleeping.

To remove the tampon, gently traction on the string the hangs outside the body until the tampon come out. Climate wrap it increase in several layers that toilet paper, dispose of the in the trash, and also wash her hands. If you’re in a publicly place, plenty of stalls will certainly have tiny trash cans because that pads and tampons. Don’t ever before flush a tampon; they deserve to clog septic systems and some the them might not it is in biodegradable.

Why it’s essential to readjust your tampon often

Tampons need to be readjusted frequently to stop toxic shock syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rarely life-threatening condition caused by specific bacterial toxin that deserve to sometimes build when tampons space left in too long.

Remember to adjust your tampon multiple times a day. To prevent leaks, think about moving approximately a higher absorbency tampon because that a few days to aid manage the rebab.netw.

If the tampon is as well absorbent, it deserve to dry out the vagina, do it an ext likely come tear and also increasing the danger of contracting TSS.

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If girlfriend still have actually questions about how to insert a tampon, you can inspect out the instructions on the tampon packaging or questioning a health treatment provider or gynecologist.

updated on January 25, 2021

Andrei Marhol, MD, doctor — Primary care Physician, general Practitioner, medical Advisor at

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