When a male tells you that he likes you, it’s simple to assume the it’s a done deal and also you’re going to acquire together, but that can not be the case. Over there are many different points he could mean by speak those words, and not all of those meanings are immediately obvious. Prior to you make your following move, consider these possibilities.

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He likes security time through you.

when he speak you the he likes you, he can really mean that he enjoys spending time with you. Since you guys constantly have funny together and enjoy yourselves, he’s walking to favor that – and also you. If that’s certainly a confident sign,

He likes the you’re so similar.

It’s sometimes been said that we watch our finest qualities in others and also that’s what we’re attracted to. So, as soon as he claims that he likes you, like once you make a witty comment, he might really be saying that he likes that you re-superstructure his wit, humor, and other traits.

He desires to spend an ext time through you.

It provides sense that if that likes you, he’s going to desire to spend much more time with you to acquire to understand you better. He’s already impressed through what the sees and also wants to understand you more.

He likes just how you look.

It would certainly be so straightforward if he would say precisely what that likes about you. You’re not asking because that much! If he speak you the likes you yet he’s always complimenting your physical appearance or gift sexually flirtatious, then maybe he simply likes the idea of getting to understand you physically, no emotionally. Ultimately, you desire a male who deserve to see all the you need to offer.

He’s thankful for you.

If you carry out something nice for him prefer send him a text to great him a an excellent day at work when you know he’ll it is in stressed and also he speak you he likes you, that can be his method of saying that he values the quality you bring to his life. You make him feeling good, and also that’s why he’s so drawn to you. Bottom line: he sees the value you lug to the table.

He wants to view you again.

If you guys have been on one date and he speak you he likes you, that’s a an excellent sign and you must be happy about it. The date has gone really well and he’s basically saying that he sees potential for you both to have actually an awesome relationship. If it’s best not to have any kind of expectations, a 2nd date is definitely on the cards.

He’s obtained a crush.

If, on the various other hand, he speak you the likes you once you males haven’t even been ~ above a day yet, such together if girlfriend met online or have been platonic friends until now, that could mean he’s crushing top top you. He’s excited to see what can happen once you guys get to walk on a real-life date.

He’s experimentation the waters.

He could tell you the he likes you so that he deserve to gauge if you feeling for him and also how much. He can be too scared to say that loves girlfriend so he’s beginning small. Provide him a chance. It’s all about those baby steps!

He likes you, but…

the likes what you’re about, that likes exactly how you look, that likes the you’re both comparable in essential ways, and so on. Yet that doesn’t mean he’s going to ask friend out. He might just like you but not enough to want to date you. Yeah, us know, it’s a tad confusing and also frustrating.

He’s trying come sweeten you up.

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Don’t just emphasis on the truth that he’s telling you he likes girlfriend but also when he choose to share this words. This can tell friend a lot about his intentions. If he tells you he likes you as soon as you face him about how you don’t recognize where you stand through him or when you express exactly how you desire to DTR, that might be his way of trying to do you feel much better because he’s totally cornered. So, don’t take the words as well seriously – till he reflects you that he really, yes, really likes you. After ~ all, his actions average so much an ext than his words.

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