There are two common types of automobile speed sensors and they each play a different role. One type, the engine rate sensor (or transmission speed sensor) is usually set up on the transmission or transaxle. The other type, wheel rate sensor (or auto speed sensor) is installed on the knuckle arm on the four wheels.

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The engine speed sensor takes data native crankshaft place sensor that offer information for the engine rotate speed. Automobile speed data originates from the speed sensor which is situated on the wheels and also sends information regarding wheel turn speed.

Therefore, any fault from either rate sensor or any kind of symptoms showing how defective it has come to be can result in a wide selection of abnormal problems in your auto if you fail come pay attention to the in time.

Common poor Speed Sensor Symptoms

#1 – Rough gear Changes


Furthermore, sometimes the check engine light may light up recurrently and periodically together you accelerate without any an excellent reason.

To know what the check engine light means, you should use diagnostic tool or automobile OBD scanner to acquire the problem code(s) which will aid troubleshoot the issue. For example, DTC P0500 (Vehicle rate Sensor error Conditions) may show up to confirm the issue.

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Many problems can arise if your vehicle has a faulty speed sensor. Indeed, a vehicle that shows the symptoms of a worn-out speed sensor have the right to bring around other associated symptoms to various other parts of the car, such together a faulty throttle place sensor or also a malfunctioning coil pack.

Faulty speed sensor symptoms come with some common qualities that can affect your auto engine and its connected components.

And finally, any of the over speed sensor symptoms need to prompt friend to take it your car to an auto fix shop or reputable mechanic so that they deserve to run a computer system diagnostic top top your vehicle to recognize the faults.

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Even though few of the over symptoms may point towards a malfunctioning transmission, it is recipient to visit a repair shop having the best computer diagnostic devices even before visiting a fix shop specializing on speed sensors come ascertain the genuine problems.