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On the upper component of drew Brees" right cheek, he appears to have actually a scar. That"s no what it is, though.

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Brees has had actually that mark, a birthmark, because he to be born. The Saints quarterback dealt with bullies who picked ~ above him growing up over his birthmark, but he"s come to acknowledge it as a part of him end time. Brees hasn"t been restricted by any sort of an adverse comments, apparently, as he"s played in the NFL due to the fact that 2001 and holds the league"s all-time passing yardage record.

Through the years, Brees hasn"t spoken a lot around his birthmark, however here"s a look at what he"s said.

What"s the "scar" on attracted Brees" face?

That"s not a scar top top Brees" challenge at all, yet rather a birthmark. Once Brees was farming up, the birthmark carried him ridicule.

"Because of mine birthmark, which i was obviously born with, I got all kinds of comments once I was a kid, around "Wipe that everything off your face," Brees said CNN in 2012. "... All kinds of names. Civilization would speak to me "Spot." I think they to be trying to it is in malicious. They to be trying to be hurtful."

As Brees flourished into a college star at Purdue and also then a beginning NFL quarterback because that the Chargers and also Saints, he started to view that he might speak out and also make a difference based on his previous experience.

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"Making fun of someone due to the fact that they"re different from you? That"s not being tough, it"s being ignorant," Brees said in 2010. "I want my pan to know that if you"re making fun of someone ... Climate you space no girlfriend of mine."

In current years, part fans even attended Saints games with stickers or momentary tattoos ~ above their appropriate cheeks as a means of reflecting their allegiance come Brees. 

When Brees created his book, "Coming back Stronger," he reflect on the idea of acquiring his birthmark removed. He claimed that much like his record-setting appropriate arm is a component of him, for this reason is his birthmark.

"Instead of see it together a negative thing, I determined to view it as something that made me unique and also special," Brees wrote. "It collection me personally from anyone else. ... Now it"s just a component of that I am. Ns wouldn"t consider cutting off my arm. Neither would I cut off my birthmark."