iCarly is a famous Nickelodeon display that initially ran indigenous 2007 to 2012. It functions a team of friends who run their own web series.

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The group revolves roughly main character Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove), and also much of the display takes ar in her apartment. However, when mother numbers are current in various other sitcoms, Carly’s mom is never ever shown. Therefore what taken place to her?

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Does ‘iCarly’ ever talk about Carly’s family members?

The only family members member that has appeared consistently throughout the collection is Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor), Carly’s larger brother. The two of castle live with each other in your apartment, and Spencer’s story lines consist of a large part of iCarly.

Carly and Spencer’s grandfather, nicknamed Granddad Shay, has appeared in 3 episodes. Many notably, throughout his first appearance, he concerned take Carly far after Spencer virtually caused she to get hit v a hammer.

Meanwhile, Carly and Spencer’s father, Colonel Steven Shay, has actually been stated several times on the show. However, the was only seen once–during the collection finale once he concerned take Carly come a father-daughter dance.

Other family members members who have actually been discussed on the display include a great-grandma and an aunt.

What happened to Carly and also Spencer’s mommy on ‘iCarly’?

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Unlike Carly and also Spencer’s dad, their mom is hardly ever before mentioned. Carly and also Spencer have never commented on where their mom is or why they space not in touch with her.

A the majority of fans believe that she is either dead or she abandoned them.

One human on Reddit wrote, “The fact that Carly and Spenser do not talk around it in ~ all, ever, implies pretty plainly something bad, one of two people she ran out on castle or she passed away seems most likely. Indeed sadly ran out on them seems more likely. If it to be dead one assumes they would lug it up at the very least once or twice, ours dear lover dead mother and such, the truth they have put her out of the things they talk around so completely implies poor feelings come me, she abandoning them seems the likeliest scenario.”

Additionally, it is not clear if Carly and also Spencer also have the same mom. It’s also feasible they space paternal half-siblings.

However, iCarly will be gaining a reboot, and seeing as plenty of fans do want to recognize what occurred to the Shay siblings’ mom(s), it’s possible this could be addressed.

Carly’s finest friend Sam is likewise not close through her parents

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The kids on iCarly do not it seems ~ to it is in close through their parents. Carly’s best friend, Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) has comparable problems.

Sam’s mom, Pam Puckett, has appeared on display screen a few times. However, they do not have actually a good relationship through each other.

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Meanwhile, Sam’s father has actually never appeared on the show. In part instances as soon as Sam mentions him, the is implied that he walked out on their family and also does not save in touch v his kids.