5 things In everyone Loves Raymond that Make No sense (And 5 fan Theories that Do) top top September 13th, 1996, audience were presented to the crazy people of Raymond Barone. It"s a civilization that has been driving castle crazy ever before since.

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Everybody Loves Raymond ran for nine seasons and also an astonishing 210 episodes, native 1996 to 2005. A show ideal enjoyed in moderation, watching the entire run that this basic sitcom about the affable ray Romano’s attempts at juggling his home life with the requirements of his overbearing parents and also awkward brothers does offer pause because that thought.

On the one hand, it gives a stylish reminder of what make Everybody Loves Raymond such a success in the very first place: the true come life setups, the brilliant central performances and the gentle incidental piano music between scenes.

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But it also serves to remind us of the stuff that didn’t rather work. The unexplained loose threads that make no sense and also the mysteries that save fans in the virtual Romanoverse up at night.

With the in mind, below are 5 things In Everybody Loves Raymond that Make No feeling (& 5 fan Theories the Do).


10 No Sense: Where every one of Robert"s money went

Robert's day Everybody Loves Raymond
Robert Barone lives rent-free with complete board in ~ his parents". At the beginning of the series he is a police sergeant and later earns promotion to the location of lieutenant. That’s a pretty impressive promotion and one the comes through a sizeable salary rise.

Yet regardless of this, Robert appears to it is in constantly short of money. In ~ one point his finances are so bad, Ray and Debra have actually to offer him money. Sure, Robert may have had actually to pay out some type of settlement complying with his divorce from an initial wife Joanne but that can’t have been all that much deserve to it?

9 No Sense: just how Ray was able to support whole family together a writer

Marie Barone beam Barone and Debra Barone in anyone Loves Raymond
Ray and also Debra live in a spacious house, in a well-to-do residential neighborhood. Their children go come nice schools and life is idyllic, to say the least. Given every one of that information, you might assume Ray has actually some type of soul-destroying corporate job that helps pay the bills. However then you find out he functions as a sportswriter.

And girlfriend know world that work-related as sportswriters. And, while it deserve to pay well, it no pay the well. Definitely not because that someone in Ray’s position. He’s hardly a recognized name and famously fluffed up his one and only television appearance.

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8 No Sense: Why Debra always stayed at home

even if beam does make a pretty penny together a sportswriter, there"s something contempt odd and reductive about Debra"s decision to stay at home rather than get a task herself. A fiercely independent woman of part intelligence and also capability, it feels almost at odds v Debra’s character the she would certainly decide to play homemaker. For someone that so regularly challenges her husband, Ray, it makes tiny sense that she would not desire to walk out right into the functioning world. More importantly, provided the quantity Ray’s parents drive her increase the wall, you would certainly think Debra would see work-related as an possibility to escape the Barones.

7 No Sense: Frank and also Marie using the back door so much

Frank and Marie Barone in everybody Loves Raymond
it’s a basic point however one the is worth noting. Frank and Marie live across the street from Ray and also Debra. This is well created and, in many instances, they will visit Ray and the household using the former door. Yet every now and then something strange happens: they use the backdoor. And not just that; castle don’t also knock. They just waltz right in, prefer they own the place. That a instance that makes small sense. Did Frank and Marie help Ray and also Debra buy their house? Is this some type of weird strength play that we’re every missing?


6 No Sense: The disappearance of Shamsky Number 2

when upon a time, Robert Barone had a dog referred to as Shamsky Number 2. The gag being, of course, the Shamksy Number 1 met his maker at part point. So far, therefore funny. However then miscellaneous sinister happened. Shamsky Number 2 disappeared and also no one ever described what happened to him. Walk he run away? to be he kidnapped? walk something for this reason horrific happen that no one deserve to bear talking about it or also mentioning his name? Was ray involved? beam must have been involved. Beam is constantly involved. What go Ray do to Shamsky Number 2? Someone, you re welcome tell united state the truth.

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5 makes Sense: beam Ramone"s kids aren"t his

beam is blessed through decidedly dark, brown hair. His wife, Debra has actually decidedly dark, brown hair. However, Ray and Debra’s youngsters all have an extremely light blonde hair. Now, if yes one point Game the Thrones has actually taught us, the that civilization should question the parentage that their children if they have actually brown hair and also their children are decidedly blonde. But Ray exists in a world before Game the Thrones, therefore he doesn’t recognize the truth staring him in the confront every day: his youngsters are not his own and a sinister scheme is afoot. All that and his parents live across the street. Negative guy.


4 makes Sense: Ray formerly cheated ~ above Debra

ever before wondered why Debra seems so angry v Ray? might it be that he’s an sometimes thoughtless oaf, every too regularly prone come making terrible life choices? No, it have to be since Ray previously had an to work that has actually left an indelible stain of mistrust over the Barone marriage. No wonder Debra wants Ray at residence so lot – the last time she left him come his own tools at occupational he got up come no good. And also no wonder beam is constantly on the edge v Debra – he knows his marriage is hanging through a thread and must be on his finest behavior.

3 makes Sense: Robert is covertly in love through Debra

Robert oozes a weird disappointment end his life. He"s clearly jealous that his younger brothers Ray. But what is it the Robert is really jealous about? He doesn’t harbor ambitions of gift a sportswriter. He had actually a good relationship with Ray’s kids and also doesn’t it seems ~ all the impressed through Ray’s house. No, the fact is that the greatest resource of jealousy for Robert is Debra. He is in love v her. Pure and an easy and while those feelings may ebb and flow choose the tide, they never truly die. Also when the meets and also marries Amy. Oh, Robert, what have you done.

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2 renders Sense: Ray"s friend Kevin went into witness protection

remember Ray’s girlfriend Kevin? Of food you do. It’s not hard. He to be played by Kevin James. They no even readjust his an initial name. Except, then as soon as Kevin James played Doug Heffernan in King of Queens, that is developed that that is friends v Ray Barone. Wait, so is ray friends with two different guys who space actually identical and also could be twins separated in ~ birth? don’t be silly – Doug is simply Kevin after he went into witness protection. A former play-by-play announcer together Ray, Kevin must have witnessed some type of heinous crime and also has been provided a new identity. Ray should probably not have actually gone come visit the then.

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1 makes Sense: Ray didn"t wake up native the coma at the end of the series

That final episode of Everybody Loves Raymond rightly ranking on the better end that the scale as soon as it comes to collection finales. But what if something an ext sinister to be at play? ~ going in for surgical procedure to have actually his Adenoids removed, a nurse informs Debra that they are having actually some problem bringing Ray around from the surgery. The show ends with Ray waking up and also everyone professing your love for him and also one another. However what if Ray never ever woke up? What if every little thing that adheres to the moment he visited sleep exists only in the comatose psychic of Ray? That can explain why it all feels therefore dreamlike and perfect. Mind blown.

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