Not just will they have actually appliances in their mouths, but they will likewise have to make some lifestyle alters to for sure they protect their smile. This contains wearing a mouthguard once playing sport and avoiding details foods such as nuts and also hard lollies. When you think around it, it is a little price to pay for straight and beautiful teeth, i beg your pardon your son will have for the rest of their lives.

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Fortunately, over there is one point that teens don’t have actually to provide up, and that’s chewing gum. Generally consumed after ~ meals, continuous chewing gum can help your child gain fresher breath so they feel an ext comfortable in society situations. V a few helpful hints, it shouldn’t complicate her child’s orthodontic treatment.

Is there a special type of gum for braces?How come chew gum v braces?What if my teenager breaks your appliances when chewing gum?

Is over there a special form of gum for braces?

There space two main varieties of gum top top the sector – chewing gum and also bubble gum. Chewing gum is typically sugar-free, and can actually safeguard teeth from cavities due to the fact that it stimulates saliva, i m sorry washes far the sugars that could have stayed on the teeth. While over there is no special type of chewing gum because that braces, friend can pick out of soft strips or tough pellets. That is much better to pick the soft strips for those through braces, to mitigate the possibility that appliances will certainly be bent or broken.

On the various other hand, bubble gum usually contains sugar, which can lead come cavities and also tooth decay. Additionally, balloon gum tends to be more sticky, so it’s worse for teenagers with braces due to the fact that it can acquire stuck in between their brackets and wires.


How come chew gum through braces?

When chewing gum v braces, it’s important to choose sugar-free choices that are much less sticky and reduce the threat of it acquiring stuck in your brackets. Luckily, the products used to do braces have improved over time and are now more flexible so you can enjoy the benefits of less cavities and also fresher breath when chewing gum. Still no convinced? Speak to her orthodontist who will administer handy hints for chewing gum through your selected appliance. If it’s essential to chew gum completely and brush your this after meals, you have to not have actually to reduced it out completely.

What if my teenager breaks your appliances when chewing gum?

Sometimes, if you have a very solid bite or if you room not careful, chewing gum can result in damaged or bent appliances. If any complications execute arise from chewing gum friend should call your orthodontist immediately.

For this teens, it might be much better to protect against chewing gum., yet you may still desire to freshen your breath. Mints the dissolve in her mouth space a good alternative. You can also drink water infused v the citrus flavours of lemon or lime – this will help you hydrate and freshen your breath at the same time.

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If your teenager is however to begin their orthodontic treatment, use our Finder device to find for a registered specialist orthodontist in your area.