As the stakes increase over the Soulja Boy and also Chris Brown fiasco, artists who have actually proven ties to gangs are reflecting their disinterest of questionable gang propaganda the men have spewed. The latest…


As the stakes rise over the Soulja Boy and also Chris Brown fiasco, artist who have proven ties come gangs are showing their disinterest that questionable gang propaganda the men have spewed. The latest to re-superstructure his thoughts on the matter is YG.

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On Friday (Jan. 6), Soulja boy spoke with Hollywood Unlocked around the beginnings of his troubles through the “Party” singer. The rapper didn’t psychic blaming the whole beef top top his “friendship” through Rihanna, which Breezy wasn’t also fond off. In enhancement to a couple of odd outbursts, the Atlanta native defined he was a member of the Blood corridor by declare Compton together his home.

“Me and Chris Brown room from the same hood,” that said. “I’m native Bompton, Fruit city Piru. I’m a member that the Blood gang. CB is too, supposedly. Once we came out to LA, that’s who we gained down with. As soon as I remained in Atlanta, i was the end there gangbanging in ~ 11-years-old. I’ve been fighting n****s my totality life since high school, in former of the entirety school. CB hasn’t been to the hood in two years; he has actually to inspect in. Ns was simply in the hood.”

While us know exactly how that went, YG shared his think on the issue via Twitter.

The Game likewise shared the very same sentiment ~ above Instagram.

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Aside from his music, the rapper has shared stories cultivation up amongst gang life. In one interview with, YG shared just how he to be left to market his soul to remain alive. “You get jumped on by a details amount of civilization for a specific amount of time,” the said. “I gave my life up for this gangbang shit. The moment you gain put on friend gotta bang the hood and be affiliated in corridor activities. I’m no trying to say I offered my soul, yet I specialized my life to the set. You might end increase dead or in jail because that the rest of her life; you feeling me?”

Well then.


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