I binge check out the entire manga collection about seven years back and have not watch the anime series all the way through.

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I feeling like as soon as I perfect the manga there to be no final kiss in between Inuyasha and also Kagome and also I can't mental them in reality saying "I love you" to one another.

Am i remembering things wrong?

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Rumiko is very great at providing subtle clues of affection. That’s what i love around her series. It’s not directly stated however it is expressed with their caring for each other, her understanding of his past, her acceptance of that he is and growing with him.

My favorite episode and also scene in the manga is as soon as she states underneath the sacred tree the she is in love v inuyasha. Other rumiko takahashi works choose Ranama 1/2 and also Maison Ikokoku, fans can conveniently pinpoint when the two characters fell in love, however this collection is much harder.

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So, you have actually finished the entire collection then right? Okay, so I'm around to say some spoilers. An initial off, castle weren't date lol. Start of the show, they simply happened to fulfill up and also Inuyasha want the jewel indigenous Kagome climate she damaged it therefore they teamed up to gather the pieces... Afterwards Kikyo came back. Kikyo was the just one that Inuyasha was committed to. Him and also Kagome were just apart the a group. So for the whole show, Inuyasha has actually feelings for Kikyo and wants come be with her again due to the fact that she came back, of course he doesn't get earlier with she though.. But that's who his an initial love is. The did construct feelings because that Kagome and, but again lock were simply in their team together. Kagome go kiss that a few times to change him back into a half-demon, however it wasn't like a genuine kiss wherein they both did that romantically, that was simply HER kissing him to change him back. After ~ Kikyo's last death, Kagome and also Inuyasha do finally get together but she die episode 8 of tfa, so over there are only like 18 illustration left for just Kagome come be with Inuyasha, and of course few of those episodes he safety grieving. So, for you to suppose them to be on that "I love you" basis isn't very realistic lol. Castle don't say it come eachother in the show. They do obtain married in the an extremely end, and also Kagome does admit that she loves him earlier on in the show. Yet you need to keep in mind the Inuyasha loves Kikyo as well.