If you"ve come across the term "WC suite" and also aren"t sure precisely what that means, enable us come explain.

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As is regularly the way, buying a new bathroom have the right to throw up a entirety glossary the unfamiliar terms and also jargon. Whilst some words might seem familiar, it have the right to feel a small embarrassing having to ask because that the precise meaning. Ns mean, execute you know your close coupled toilet from your ago to wall surface toilet? and also what is a concealed cistern? These room the species of concerns you may need come ask. Luckily, you have the right to find numerous of this things described in our A to Z toilet glossary.

According come the number of queries we"ve seen, the hatchet "WC suite" seems particularly confusing. So, prior to we discover out precisely what a WC suite is, let’s take it a look at what “WC” actually means.

What walk WC mean?

The abbreviation WC is something the was used generally in days gone by however has end up being largely useless in the UK as a term used in typical language or conversation. WC stands for “Water Closet” and, technically, refers to a restroom or a room v a toilet.

It to be most more than likely used since it to be deemed much less vulgar or more discreet than the an ext obvious native "toilet". In American English, you"ll much more commonly hear the term bathroom or restroom (despite there generally being no bath) offered to define what us would describe as a toilet.


Room for a toilet? Is that a restroom or WC?

Interestingly, in Germany, “WC” (pronounced a little like “vay-say”) is quiet the typical term provided to denote a publicly toilet. This comes in really handy because that English-speaking travellers (that is if lock actually know the indigenous in the very first place!). It’s a similar story in other European countries, choose Italy, Spain, France and also The Netherlands. So, if you’re ever before caught brief on the continent, look out for indicators to the “WC”.

What is a WC suite?

A WC suite is simply one more term which refers to a single, totally functioning toilet, finish with pan, cistern and flush. The use of words "suite", in this context, deserve to be a little misleading, together a “bathroom suite” usually is composed of a toilet, basin and either a bathtub or shower.

The WRAS (Water regulations Advisory Scheme), define a WC suite as:“WC pan an unified with one of two people a flushing cistern with an integral warning pipe link - or a an equipment deemed to be no much less effective machine – and an inlet/outlet devices, or a press flushing valve, with a WC and flushing maker installed as a work unit.”


The Tate close coupled toilet is a an excellent example that a WC suite

What is a WC pan?

So, we’ve settled that “WC” and also “WC suite” both median a toilet, right? So, this one shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. A WC pan is just a toilet pan, which is the component of the toilet the usually has water. The pan is separate to the cistern, which is the part that usually includes the do the washing up mechanism.

In a close combination toilet, both parts sign up with together to type one unit, whereas, v a back to wall toilet (pictured below) or wall surface hung toilet, the WC pan is the only part that is typically visible, with a concealed cistern being used.


With the Clarity back to wall surface toilet above, just the WC pan is visible

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