Vosotros in rebab.net is rarely offered in Latin America, but if you planning to visit Spain and want to mix in, it’s essential for girlfriend to master vosotros and know how it works.

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Using vosotros instead that ustedes is among the slight distinctions that identify Latin American rebab.net from european rebab.net. The is feasible to discover when to usage it by recognizing crucial variations native one nation to an additional in their consumption of the rebab.net language.

Keep reading for one insightful great on how to usage vosotros when you speak to rebab.net speakers in Spain.

The an interpretation of Vosotros

Vosotros is a rebab.net an individual pronoun provided to refer to the 2nd person many in Spain. It’s also a gender-neutral pronoun, which applies to feminine and also masculine subjects together. If you’re introduce to just female many subjects, you usage vosotras.

Vosotros is provided when one individual human being or speaker is addressing a team of 2 or more people. Vosotros in English means “you” together the plural “you and also others.”

Example Sentences making use of Vosotros

Vosotros lo hicieron mejor que el otro grupo.You did much better than the various other group.

Vosotras sois mis primas favorites.You’re my favorite cousins.

Vosotros alegran mis días.You make my days happy.

Vosotros tenéis mi apoyo siempre.You constantly have mine support.

When To use Vosotros

People indigenous Spain usage vosotros as a personal pronoun in unshened situations. However, in Latin American nations it’s perceived as a pronoun the only applies to highly formal scenarios and also it’s virtually never used.

The usual use of vosotros in Spain dates ago to the beginnings of the rebab.net language in the Iberian Peninsula. The pronoun vosotros comes indigenous the Latin-derived pronoun vos, which developed to the pronoun in the bulk of countries that are part of the rebab.net-speaking world. Vosotros used to mean “vos y otros más” (you and others).

Learn more about The history and origin of the rebab.net Language in this fascinating and also insightful article.

Vosotros Vs Ustedes

Nowadays, utilizing vosotros in Spain expresses a certain familiarity come the human being or world you’re conversing with, and it’s offered in casual conversation. It’s comparable to saying “you guys” or “you all” in English.

The counterpart to vosotros in Latin America is ustedes. Ustedes is supplied in Latin America in both formal and informal situations.

Both vosotros and ustedes convey the exact same sense as soon as speaking rebab.net—the choice of one end the other relies ~ above geography.

If you in Spain and use ustedes, some human being might no respond to it or understand it—the exact same happens if you use vosotros in Latin America.

Let’s research some instances using both pronouns interchangeably.

Example Sentences through Vosotros Vs Ustedes


Use that Vosotros in rebab.netUse of Ustedes in rebab.net
¿Vosotros iréis a la fiesta?Are girlfriend going come the party?¿Ustedes irán a la fiesta?Are friend going come the party?
¿Cuántos de vosotros habláis español?How countless of you speak rebab.net?¿Cuántos de ustedes hablan español?How many of girlfriend speak rebab.net?
¿A vosotros os gusta la pizza?Do you favor pizza?¿A ustedes les gusta la pizza?Do you favor pizza?

Keep in psychic both pronoun make sense and also are offered as “you” plural, yet the verb link is different.

Conjugation of Vosotros

Conjugating vosotros depends on what form of verb you conjugating. Vosotros has various conjugations based upon the finishing of a verb and also the tense.

Let’s examine the different conjugations through the verbs hablar (talk), abrir (open), and correr (run) as examples.

Vosotros – Hablar Conjugation

TenseConjugation for verbs ending in -ar
Present Simplehabláis
Present Subjunctivehabléis
Imperfect Subjunctivehablarais, hablaseis

Example Sentences

Vosotros habláis mucho por teléfono.You talk on the phone a lot.

¿Vosotros hablasteis con la mamá de Andrea?Did you speak to Andrea’s mom?

Antes de ras vacaciones, vosotros hablabais de ir al gimnasio todos los días.Before the holidays, you males were talking about going come the gym every day.

En la clase de mañana vosotros hablaréis de la película.In course tomorrow you will talk around the film.

Creí que si los invitaba a cenar, vosotros hablaríais de lo que les molesta.I believed if I invited you to dinner, you would certainly talk about what’s bothering you.

Me gusta que habléis de la escuela.I prefer that friend talk about school.

La maestra quería que vosotros hablarais con ella.The teacher wanted you to speak to her.


Vosotros – Abrir Conjugation

TenseConjugation for verbs finishing in -ir
Present Simpleabrís
Present Subjunctiveabráis
Imperfect Subjunctiveabrierais, abrieseis

Example Sentences

¿Vosotros abrís el restaurante los viernes?Do you open the restaurant friday?

¿Vosotros abristeis el restaurante ayer?Did you open up the restaurant yesterday?

Soñe que vosotros abríais mi ventana.I dreamt girlfriend were opening my window.

¿Crees que con la remodelación os abriréis a más mercados?Do friend think that with the remodeling girlfriend will open up to an ext markets?

Si gana el Barcelona mañana, ¿vosotros abriríais el restaurante durante más horas?If Barcelona wins tomorrow, would you open the restaurant for much longer hours?

No me gusta que no abráis los lunes.I don’t prefer that you men don’t open up Mondays.

Quisiera que vosotros abrieseis todos los días.I would like you to open every day.


Vosotros – Correr Conjugation

Indicative TenseConjugation because that verbs ending in -ir
Present Simplecorréis
Present Subjunctivecorráis
Imperfect Subjunctivecorrierais, corrieseis

Example Sentences

Vosotros corréis rapidisimo.You all run so fast.

¿Corristeis el domingo? Yo no sabía que vosotros competían.Did you operation Sunday? ns didn’t understand you competed.

Creí que vosotros corríais una maratón todos los años.I assumed you guys ran a marathon every year.

Vosotros correréis a casa.You will certainly run home.

¿Vosotros correríais mañana si los despierto temprano?Would you operation tomorrow if ns wake you up early?

No me gusta que vosotros corráis tan rápido.I don’t like that you guys run therefore fast.

Quisiera que vosotros corrierais más lento.I wish you men would run more slowly.


Other Conjugations the Vosotros

The rebab.net language has other types of unit volume verbs that are comprised of the main verb and also an auxiliary verb. These are much easier to conjugate because the main verb follows the common conjugation and only the auxiliary is conjugated through the vosotros form.

Present Continuous

This it s too dirty is provided to talk around actions that are arising at the moment we speak. In rebab.net, the verb that room conjugated in the present continuous with vosotros use the assistant verb estar (to be). The main verb is conjugated through -ando or -iendo.

Example Sentences

¿Vosotros estáis comiendo pizza sin mí?Are you eat pizza there is no me?

Vosotros estáis hablando de un tema fascinante.You are talking about a fascinating topic.

Past Perfect

The past perfect it s too dirty is provided to talk around an activity that began in the past and continues to take place in the present. The past perfect it is too dirty in rebab.net is made with the auxiliary verb haber (have) conjugated in the present tense and past participle. rebab.net past participle verbs finish with -ado, -ido, -to, or -cho when conjugated in this tense. To usage vosotros, girlfriend conjugate haber together habéis.

Example Sentences

¿Habéis comido hoy?Have you eaten today?

¿Alguna de vosotras habéis sacado al perro a pasear hoy?Have any type of of girlfriend taken the dog the end for a walk today?


The imperative mood is supplied for conjugating verbs in rebab.net as soon as you are providing commands. That the easiest conjugation for making use of vosotros. To usage it, you take it the verb in the infinitive form and just replace the ending with -r or -d. Now, if that a negative command, you use the current subjunctive vosotros conjugation that the verb.

Example Sentences

¡Hablad más lento; no os entiendo!Talk an ext slowly; ns can’t understand you!

Venid a casa inmediatamente.Come residence immediately.

¡No habléis de mí cuando no estoy!Don’t talk about me when I’m not around!


Master the command Mood favor a indigenous rebab.net speaker by analysis this interesting article.

Object Pronoun of Vosotros

By this point, you’ve more than likely noticed some example sentences the use words os as an object pronoun. In rebab.net, you usually use the direct and indirect thing pronoun les when utilizing ustedes. In the instance of vosotros, the rebab.net use os.

Os can be attached come a word at the end, or it can be different depending if it goes in ~ the beginning or end of the verb. Below are some examples.

Example Sentences

Os invito a mi casa más tarde.I invite you come my house later.

Quería llamaros hoy, pero ya no me dio tiempo.I wanted to call you today, however I didn’t have actually time.

Os recuerdo que mañana es el cumpleaños de su madre.I remind you that tomorrow is his mother’s birthday.

Use Vosotros When Necessary

Mastering the usage of vosotros will come in handy for you to overcome rebab.net as a whole. Few of the ideal literature, tv shows, and also movies come native Spain. Mastering vosotros enables girlfriend to know dialogues and further the application of the pronoun in different scenarios.

If you’re planning on taking a rebab.net immersion trip to Spain, this is your possibility to prepare for having actually fluent conversations with locals utilizing vosotros. Even though our teachers are from Guatemala, lock are professional in practicing the vosotros form v you! sign up for a cost-free class to inspect your abilities and also prepare for your pilgrimage to Spain in the best feasible way.

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Knowing rebab.net vocabulary and its applications prepares you to travel to any rebab.net-speaking nation smoothly and also without hassles. Don’t miss out on the possibility of communicating with locals where you visit and also start elevating her rebab.net today.