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This ROOT-WORD is the Suffix MENT definition ACT Of, STATE of & result OF an ACTION. MENT renders nouns out of verb when added to them. If friend look down the list, you will watch that almost every word without the Suffix MENT is a verb. With the Suffix MENT words becomes a noun. Nos. 12 and 14 are the only ones top top the perform which execute not autumn into the pattern. MENT is another one of those duplicating ROOT-WORDS. It way ACT OF, STATE of & QUALITY.1. Contentment : content MENT (kon tent’ ment) n.A state of gift satisfied with one’s lot2. Aggrandizement : aggrandize MENT (a gran’diz ment) n.State of coming to be greater3. Alignment : align MENT ( a line’ ment) n.Result of setup in line4. Revised : amend MENT (a mend’ ment) n.Result of including to a law5. Apartment : apart MENT (a part’ ment) n.A collection of rooms come live in6. Appeasement : appease MENT (a peze’ ment) n.Act the quieting anger7. Compliment : compli MENT (kom’ pli ment) n.Praise provided as a result of an action8. Attainment : acquire MENT (a tane’ ment) n.The state of having reached a goal9. Accomplishment : accomplish MENT (a cheve’ ment) n.A thing achieved with effort10. Meeting : choose MENT (a point’ ment) n.The result of an plan for a meeting

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11. Excitement : excite MENT (ek site’ ment) n.A state of being aroused12. Ferment : fer MENT (fer’ ment) n.A state of unrest’ excitement13. Indictment : guide MENT (in dite’ ment) n.The result of an action in creating charging one with an offense14. Tool : instru MENT (in stru ment) n.A means to get a result; a tool15. Nourishment : nourish MENT (nur’ ish ment) n.Food for the body16. Postponement : postpone MENT (post pone’ ment) n.The result of putting a point off because that later; a delay17. Presentiment : presenti MENT (pre sent’ i ment) n.A forewarning of evil to come18. Resentment : resent MENT (re zent’ ment) n.Result that anger versus another for cause19. Statement : state MENT (state’ ment) n.An expression of truth or opinion20. Testimony : testa MENT (tes’ ta ment) n.Result of one expression that tribute; credo