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Scrib & scrip room the root-words for countless other words.EtymologyMiss,mit &mitt are the root-words for numerous other words.Dict & dic room the root-words for many other words.Post is the root-word for numerous other words.

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This ROOT-WORD is the PORT which way CARRY. Every the words on the list have something to do with transferring in one way or another. Look at No.11. The 2 e’s at the end of the word have a special meaning – the deportee is the one who receives the action, the one who is deported, brought away, banished.1. Port: harbor (port) n.Place ships might wait in, or carry or take it cargo to or from2. Porter: port er (port’er) n.One that carries things, as baggage3. Portable: harbor able (port’ a b’l) adj.Can be carried4. Export: ex port (ek sport’) v.Carry out; bring or sent out elsewhere5. Exporter: ex port er (ex sport’ er) n.One who sells items to various other countries6. Exportation: ex harbor ation (ek spor tay’ shun) n.The plot of carrying items out the the country7. Import: im port (im port’) v.To bring in goods; as, indigenous a international country8. Importer: im harbor er (im port’er) n.One who brings in items from a international country9. Importation: im harbor ation (imp or tay’) shun) n.The act of pass in products from a foreign country10. Deport: de port (de port’) v.To sent a human away; come banish11. Deportee: de port (de por tee’) n.One that is sent away12. Deportment: de harbor ment (de port’ ment) n.Manner of behaving oneself; conduct13. Report: re harbor (re port’) n.An account that something i beg your pardon happened14. Reporter: re harbor er (re port’ er) n.One who brings news; as, for a newspaper15. Reporting: re harbor ing (re port’ ing) linguistic noun.The pass in the news16. Support: below PORT (su port’) v.To carry in addition to help17. Transport: trans port (trans’ port) n.Act or way of transporting from place to place; as, an airship to carry soldiers18. Transport: trans harbor (trams port’) v.To bring from ar to placeGo come the Etymology index PageHOME PAGE