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This ROOT-WORD is SCOPE which comes from scopos, definition WATCH & SEE. The number of instruments i m sorry SCOPE one point or an additional increases every work it seems. Quickly there will certainly be no need to read around anything because we’ll be able to see it. We’ll simply reach out for a handy tiny SCOPE and also presto! One picture is worth a thousand words. Years ago there to be talk around attaching a limit of some kind to the telephone. It would be nice to see the human one says “Hello!" to. Would certainly that be dubbed a PHONOSCOPE?1. Baroscope : baro border (bar’ o skope) n.Instrument showing changes in atmospheric pressure2. Autoscope : auto border (au’ come skope) n.An instrument for seeing one’s own organs3. Bioscope : bio scope (bio’ o skope) n.Instrument for measuring time5. Endoscope : Endo limit (en’ do skope) n.Instrument for reflecting the internal organs6. Gyroscope : gyro border (en’ carry out bio border (bio’ o skope) n.Instrument because that measuring time5. Endoscope : Endo scope (en’ do skope) n.Instrument for reflecting the inner organs6. Gyroscope : gyro scope (jie’ ro skope) n.A wheel mounted on one axis capable of rotate rapidly7. Helioscope : helio scope (hee’ li o skope) n.Instrument to view the sun without eye injury8. Horoscope : horo border (hor’ o skope) n.A chart supplied by an astrologer to tell fortunes9. Hydroscope : hydro scope (hie’ dro skope) n.A an equipment to watch the depths of the sea10. Kaleidoscope : kaleido limit (ka lide’ o skope) n.
11. Periscope : peri border (per’ i skope) n.An instrument because that viewing on every sides12. Photoscope : picture SCOPE (foe’ come skope) n.Instrument for acquisition photos of lip ments in rapid succession13. Seismoscope : seismo border (size’ mo skope) n.Instrument to document occurrence and also time the earthquakes14. Spectroscope : spectro scope (spek’ tro skope) n.Instrument because that viewing the sun’s spectrum15. Telescope : tele border (tel’ e skope) n.Instrument because that viewing far-off objects16. Radioscope : radio limit (ray’ di o skope) n.Instrument because that detecting the presence of radioactive substances17. Stethoscope : stetho limit (steth’ o skope) n.Instrument because that hearing sounds developed within the body; as, heartbeats and murmurs18. Thermoscope : thermo border (ther’ mo skope) n.Instrument provided to measure changes of temperature19. Microscope : micro limit (mie’ kro skope) n.Instrument to check out organisms too tiny to be viewed by the naked eye20. Fluoroscope : fluoro scope (flur’ o skope) n.Instrument offered to watch the internal of something opaque; as, the person body
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Stereo is the root-word for many other words.Sur is the root-word for many other words.Vita,vivi &viv are the root-words for countless other words.Syn,sym,syl & sys space the root-words for numerous other words.Macro is the root-word for countless other words.