A prefix is put at the beginning of a word to readjust its meaning. Because that example, the suffix re- way either again or back as in return, repeat or refurbish.

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The complying with 4 prefixes are simple to confuse due to the fact that they all have actually a an unfavorable meaning.


The prefix un method not, reverse action, deprive of, release from. Because that example, can not or unfair.


The prefix mis means wrong. Because that example, mistake or misunderstand.


The prefix dis also method not and opposite of. Because that example, disconnect.


The prefix im can also mean not and opposite of. For example, impossible,

Now choose the exactly prefix in the following sentences:

1. Available: i tried come speak come the professor, yet he to be ___.
disavailableunavailableimavailablemisavailable2. Avoidable: The accident to be ___.
misavoidableimavoidableunavoidabledisavoidable3. Appeared: My tricks seem to have ___. I can't uncover them anywhere!
imappearedmisappeareddisappearedunappeared 4. Understood: ns think I've ___. Could you you re welcome repeat the directions?
ununderstoodmisunderstoodimunderstooddisunderstood5. Tidy: Kevin is so ___. His room is constantly a mess.
imtidydistidyuntidymistidy6. Informed: he was upset to uncover that he had actually been ___.
iminformeddisinformeduninformedmisinformed7. Agree: i think it's a bad idea. I entirely ___.
misagreeimagreedisagreeunagree 8. Possible: It's ___ to predict the weather around here.
dispossibleimpossibleunpossiblemispossible 9. Honest: She was devastated when she realised he had actually been ___.
imhonestdishonestunhonestmishonest10. Polite: I believed she was an extremely ___. She maintained interrupting me.

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