Origin that the name Rebecca:

From the Ecclesiastic late Latin and also Ecclesiastic Greek Rhebekka, which is obtained from the Hebrew ribbqāh (noose), from rabak (to bind, come tie). The name, borne in the holy bible by the mam of Isaac, to be not provided in England till after the reformation in the 16th century.

From A people of baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Benjamin Daniel David Declan Derek Elizabeth Emily Eric Erica Frederick Hannah Isaac Jacqueline James Jenica Jessica Jordy Joshua Matthew Michael Patrick Rachel sarah Victoria Zachary
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Meanings and history of the name Rebecca

Derives native Hebrew word "ribhqeh."The an interpretation of the name Rebecca is:- Snare- Fettered through Beauty- Captivating- Peacemaker- Determined

HISTORY of the SPELLING: "REBECCA"The ancient Latin Vulgate (from the fourth Century A.D.) was the version of the holy bible used in ~ the church for centuries. The Latin Vulgate supplies the spelling "REBECCA" exclusively. Century later, as soon as the scriptures was interpreted into English in the 1600s (King James Version), the order "Rebekah" was offered for the Old Testament, when the assignment "Rebecca" was used in the new Testament-(see Romans 9:10). So, the larger Biblical spelling is "Rebecca," however both spellings room in the original English Bible. Below is a connect to view the online Latin Vulgate version of the Bible, alongside the English translation. The web page shows the order "Rebecca" in Genesis 49:31.

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Famous real-life human being named Rebecca

Rebecca Sugar, Steven universe creator and duty modelRebecca Romijn, American actress and modelRebecca Sophia Clarke, American children"s authorRebecca De Mornay, American actressRebecca Black, American YouTube sensationRebecca Miller, American movie directorRebecca Gayheart, American actressRebecca Stead, writer of Newbery-winning "When You reach Me"

Rebecca in song, story & screen

Rebbeca Black, signer of "Friday" ~ above YouTubeRebecca "Becky" Conner (played through Lecy Goranson and also Sarah Chalke), the eldest daughter on the American television sitcom RoseanneRebecca "Becky" Donaldson-Katsopolis (played by Lori Loughlin), a personality on the American television sitcom full HouseRebecca Dopplemeyer, a character in Daniel Clowes"s Ghost civilization graphic novels and the 2001 movie adaptation (in which she was played through Scarlett Johansson)Rebecca Howe (played through Kirstie Alley), the female command on the American television sitcom CheersRebecca Randall, the location character in the 1903 children"s story Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, the 1938 film adaptation, i beg your pardon featured Shirley temple as Rebecca, and also the 1917 which had actually Mary Pickford together Rebecca.Rebecca "Becky" Thatcher, young Tom Sawyer"s love attention in note Twain"s novel The Adventures that Tom SawyerRebecca, the 1938 suspense novel by Daphne du Maurier and the 1940 movie adaptation command by Alfred HitchcockRebecca "Becky" Bloomwood the the Shopaholic Series.Rebecca Logan the spoiled and also backstabbing Senator"s daughter of the TV show GreekRebecca "Becca" Louise Chadwick, personality in pagan Vogel Frederick"s "The Mother-Daughter book Club"Rebekah Mikelson, in two different tv series the originals and the vampire diaries. Rebekah Mikelson is play by the remarkable actress Claire Holt paytm wallet offersRebecca, a personality in One PieceRebecca Bunch, protagonist in the CW series "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" (Played through Rachel Bloom)Rebecca, a personality in season 2 the The wade Dead game by telltaleRebecca "Bex" Baxter, a personality in allied Carter"s Gallagher Girls book series