Origin of the surname Heather:

Taken from the name of the plant having very tiny scale-like leaves and also purplish-pink flowers. Words is derived from the Old English haddyr (heather, plants of the heath family).

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From A people of baby Names by Teresa Norman.

US popular of Heather over Time


Andrew Ashley Bethany Christopher David Holly James Jared Jeffrey Jennifer Joshua Kevin Leslie Matthew Michael Nathaniel Phillip Ryan sarah Stephanie Tabitha Tessa Thayer Vanessa Veronica
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"HEATH" OR "HEATHY", Heat, Hev, Hattie, Haddyr (Old English) and also Haedre (Old English)Feather, point of view (play top top Feather)"heh-heh" "header header" (pronounced just like the header of a document)

Meanings and history of the surname Heather

The girl"s surname Heather \he(a)-ther\ is pronounce HEH-ther. That is of middle English origin. Flower name: one evergreen flowering plant that thrives top top peaty barren lands, as in Scotland.

Famous real-life people named Heather

Heather Locklear - American actressHeather cutting board - American actressHeather Headley - American singerHeather Graham - American actressHeather Morris - American actress and also dancerHeather Mitts - former US Women"s nationwide Soccer PlayerHeather O"Rourke - American actressHeather O"Reilly - us Women"s nationwide Soccer PlayerHeather tiny - English soul singer, dancerHeather B- RapperHeather Mills - fact StarHeather McCartney - PhotographerHeather Dubrow - Actress. "Real Housewives of Orange County" fact show.Heather Tom - Soap Opera actressHeather Whitestone - ModelHeather Thomson - truth actressHeather Sossaman - ActressHeather Matarazzo - Actress, "The Princess Diaries"1 & 2Heather Russel - SingerHeather Cox - well-known YoutuberHeather Langenkamp - ActressHeather Hemmens - ActressHeather Lindsay - EntrepreneurHeather Headley - R&B SingerHeather Menzies - actressHeather Watson - Tennis PlayerHeather tranquility - ActressHeather Hunter - ModelHeather Brewer - AuthorHeather Hopper - ActressHeather Burns - ActressHeather Catania - Fashion designerHeather Lee Fazz - YoutuberHeather marks - ModelHeather Nicole - pop SingerHeather Donahue - ActressHeather angel - ActressHeather Hahn - BloggerHeather Marter - fact star\

Heather in song, story & screen

"Heathers" - movie certification Winona Ryder and also Christian Slater. The Heathers represent the "popular" clique in a suburban high school. All of the members are called Heather, v the later exemption of Ryder"s character, Veronica.

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In the comic strip "Peanuts," heath is the surname of the tiny Red-Haired Girl, the thing of Charlie Brown"s unrequited crush.

Song by the band Heavens- HeatherPerry Como tune - tulips and also heatherGene Kelly track from Brigadoon - heather on the Hill"Heather Honey"- pop tune from the sixties by Tommy Roe

Heather Mason, main character indigenous survival-horror video clip game "Silent Hill 3"Heather Hudson the transform ego of Vindicator the Alpha trip in Marvel comicsHeather Cameron, Lifeguard in the X-Men books