Origin that the name Hazel:

Taken native the name of the hazelnut tree, i beg your pardon is obtained from the Old English hæsel (hazel). Alternatively, the surname can also be acquired from the Hebrew hazā"ēl (God sees).

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US popularity of Hazel end Time


Adelaide Ava Brady Brayden Daisy Damon Elijah Enzo Gage Grady Grayson Isaac Isabel Isaiah Jamison Levi Maisie Mason Nico Oliver Paisley Rosalie Sadie Xavier Zoe
Comments and also insights ~ above the surname HazelPersonal experiences with the surname HazelNicknames for Hazel

ElleHallsHallieHaileyHazeHazel ElleHazeyHazelnutHazeletLeeZZellaZellyZelly Belly

Hazelet, Shnayzie, Haze/y and Hazelnut.

We call my Hazel Elle


Silly nicknames of Zelly or Zelly Belly.

Meanings and history of the name Hazel

The Hazel tree is common and produces a renowned nut. Hazel trees are recognized as magical and have connections to knowledge in Celtic mythology. There is likewise a flowering plant dubbed "Witch Hazel".

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Famous real-life world named Hazel

Hazel Scott, jazz and classical pianist and also singer, previous wife that Adam Clayton PowellHazel Miner, "guardian angel of the prairie" and also folk heroine, who passed away saving she siblings during a feather blizzard in Center, Oliver County, phibìc DakotaHazel Crowney, British-born Bollywood (India) film actressHazel Dickens, American bluegrass singerHazel O"Connor, british singer-songwriter and also actressHazel R. O"Leary, former United states Secretary the EnergyHazel Patricia Moder, daughter the Julia RobertsHazel Wolf, Northwest ecological leader, who lived to it is in 101Hazel Bruger, swiss stand-up-comedianHazel Krasinski, daughter of actor john Kransinski and actress Emily BluntHurricane Hazel, 1954 category 4 hurricane that led to extensive damage in Haiti and the US. The surname is retirement from the Atlantic basin.Hazel grace Busby, one of the Busby Quints

Hazel in song, story & screen

Hazel, punk indy band in the 90s.Hazel Jean Rock, track by Hasil Adkins.Hazel is additionally a Bob Dylan song: "Hazel, stardust in your eye / You"re walking somewhere and so am i / I"d give you the skies high over / Ooh, for a touch of her love."Hazel, character in the webcomic "Girls with Slingshots"Hazel, male rabbit and hero of Richard Adams" Watership DownSister Hazel, alternative rock tape from Gainesville, FL, whose format blends facets of people rock, pop, classic rock and also southern rock"Hazel" classic comic strip around a maid come a middle-class family"Hazel", 1960s TV series based top top the comic strip, certification Shirley Booth as HazelWitch Hazel, a witch in the little Lulu comics. Also the surname of a healing product.Hazel grace Lancaster is a personality in john Green"s YA novel, "The fault in our Stars" (2012)Hazel Levesque is a main character and also a daughter that Pluto in stack Riordan"s fantasy series "Heroes the Olympus"."Hooray because that Hazel," a sixties pop song by Tommy Roe.