What go Dawn mean?


▼ as a girls" surname is pronounced dornn. That is that Old English origin, and also the definition of Dawn is "the an initial appearance of light, daybreak". Contemporary use of words for a name. The Latin term Aurora days back around 1500 years, but Dawn very first appeared in the late 1920s. Opera singer Dawn Upshaw; comedienne Dawn French; basketball player Dawn Staley.STARTS through Da-

ASSOCIATED v old english, light, modern, dawn, opera


VARIANTS Adawna, Dawna▼, Dawne, Dawnelle, Dawnetta, Dawnette, Dawnielle, Dawnika, Dawnita, Dawnyelle, Dawnysia, Dowan, Duwan, Dwan

SEE likewise Keiba

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) center NAME PAIRINGSDawn Loretta (D.L.), ..

How renowned is Dawn?

Dawn is a really popular very first name for ladies (#105 the end of 4276, height 2%) and also a really popular last surname for all world (#19079 the end of 150436, peak 13%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Dawn got to its greatest position the #26 in the U.S. Throughout 1970-1979, and also is at #1960 presently. (TOP baby NAMES, 2018)



Which version is better?

Aurora (#44 critical YEAR), Dawna and also Dawne are the renowned related forms of Dawn (#1960). Consumption of these develops of Dawn was at that is highest during the year 1960-1969 (AVERAGE #653) and has become significantly reduced since (#1501, ▼55.6%), with develops such as Dawn falling the end of fashion. Aurora has been the as whole favorite.

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Similar Names

Dawn▼ is pronounced an in similar way to Dagne, Dane, Danne, Dayann, Dayne, Deane, Deann▼, Deanne▼, Deeann, Dene, Deon, Dian▼, Diane▼, Diann▼, Dianne▼, Dion, Dione, Duane, Dwayne, Dyan, Dyane, Dyann and Dyanne. Other suggested similar-sounding names are Da-, Dabny (see Dabney), Dace, Dacy, Dada, Dael, Daena, Dafna, Dafne, Dagna, Dagny, Dahl, Dahna, Dai, Dail, Daina, Dale▼, Daly, Dama, Dana▼, Dani▲, Danna, Danni, Danny, Dany, Daph, Dara▲, Darb, Dari, Daron, Daryn, Davy, Day, Daya, Dayna▼ and also Fawn. This names have tendency to it is in less commonly used than Dawn.