EA is the abbreviated name for electronic Arts Corporation, i beg your pardon develops and distributes video clip games. That was developed in 1982 by the American entrepreneur william Murray Hawkins III, nicknamed pilgrimage Hawkins.

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Meaning and also History

Evolution the the EA (Electronic Arts) Logo

The corporate identity of the company has readjusted throughout its history. Developers have differently designated the name electronic Arts, one of two people encrypting the in abstract signs or using standard fonts because that writing.

1982 – 2000


The original logo design was developed with input indigenous graphic designer Barry Deutsch that Steinhilber Deutsch & Gard. The composition consisted of a gray engraving “ELECTRONIC ARTS” and three geometric shapes: a tetrahedron, a ball and also a cube, consist of of blue stripes. If whatever was clear with polyhedra – they denoted the letters “E,” and “A” – the ball’s origin raised countless questions.

According come one version, this is the center “O” from words “electrOnic.” then the image have the right to be interpreted as “EOA.” according to other assumptions, the ball symbolizes a yo-yo ball since such trinkets v the logo printed on them were often uncovered in electronic Arts offices. Also, the yo-yo would show up on the display screen when loading games. Follow to an additional unofficial interpretation, the round element represented a globe and also indicated its worldwide connections.

The hoaxers think that the round came about by accident. In their opinion, this is a bug in a computer system program the automatically included an extra geometric shape to the cube and also tetrahedron. However this mix has come to be quite popular and also recognizable. In ~ first, the brand name was just on promotional items. Later, bing Gordon and Nancy Fong started to placed it on video game packaging.

1993 – 1997


The redesign the the that company identity has actually resulted in a totally new logo. The designers depicted the engraving “ELECTRONIC ARTS” by an altering the letters “E,” “O,” and “A” into a square, a circle, and also a triangle so that all questions about the origin of the ball disappeared through themselves. The font has adjusted noticeably: the looks choose a stencil one, with quick interrupted lines. The color palette has likewise changed: the artist used an ext contrasting combine of shades, replacing pale blue with bright blue and also gray v black and adding red and green.

1997 – 2003


In 1997, a streamlined version of the logo was introduced without vivid geometric shapes and stencil type. The developer opted for a an easy “ELECTRONIC ARTS” lettering, because that which they made decision a standard serif typeface.

2000 – present


The emblem, developed in 2000, is based on the EA sporting activities division. There is no full company name on it because that the very first time since it is encrypted in summary graphic elements. This is a monogram of “E,” and also “A” put side by side and interconnected. Castle are presented in an individual stylized font. In 2006, the logo was inserted in the facility of a large circle.

2006 – present


In 2006, a brand-new and in ~ the exact same time an old logo showed up in the press. Now the EA mark is fastened in a black circle, and also the inscription itself is make in white.

2020 – present


This year, another variation of the emblem is presented. But the difference is only in color, the location of the black background is making use of bright red.

Font and Color that the Emblem


The EA price is one unusual combination of letters that appear in a brand name. Designers experimented with the elements’ form for a long time, therefore the abbreviation became an overwhelming to read. Circle borders keep the logo design concise. The animated version of the character appears in the splash screens and changes in accordance with the game’s plot.


Electronic Arts commissioned the letter “E” and “A.” Italic “E” consists of 2 parallel horizontal lines and an acute angle created by 2 rays. “A” connects to the corner’s underside and looks favor an extension of “E.” Subsequently, users of Behance and also 538Lyons, developed a comparable font type, calling it the EA logo design font.

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The emblem is make in a standard monochrome palette. The mix of white and black is considered a flexible option and looks good on any background. This is the finish opposite of the very first emblems, which used contrasting colors: blue, red, and green.