Even though ‘amar’ and also ‘querer’ are offered to to express affection to who else, their meaning is slightly different, therefore, us cannot use them in any kind of situation and with anyone. For this reason, brand-new Spanish speakers may get confused when trying come say ‘I love you’ to your families, friends or partner.

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So those the difference between ‘amar’ and ‘querer’? ‘Te amo’ and ‘te quiero’ to express affection because that someone else. Although in this context, both verb are translated as ‘to love’, amar has a greater and also deeper level of affection than querer. Querer is additionally used come talk around desires (to want).

Depending ~ above the context, this Spanish verbs might be translated as ‘to love’. However, you require to discover their nuances in meaning so you can use them properly. In this article, we’re walk to talk about the difference in between ‘amar’ and also ‘querer’ and also some of their most common uses. On top of this, fine talk about the human being with who you can use each among these verbs. Hopefully, by the finish of it, you will have the ability to use ‘amar’ and ‘querer’ correctly.

What’s the difference in between ‘amar’ and also ‘querer’?

When referring to a person, both ‘amar’ and also ‘querer’ room the Spanish translation for ‘to love’. Even though their meaning may seem the same, in Spanish, we don’t usage ‘amar’ and ‘querer’ through all people and also in every situations.

Amar is the direct translation the ‘to love’ and it’s used to to express the greatest and deepest level of affection. Together a result, we usage them in meaningful relationships or with an extremely special people.

Isabel ama muchísimo a su esposo Isabel loves she husband really much


Another usual use the ‘querer’ is come talk about your desires, which have the right to be objects, activities or objectives. In this case, this verb will certainly follow its direct translation: ‘to want’. Here are several of the phrase structures you have to learn:

To talk about the activities/objectives you desire to do

This is one of the most usual ways to usage ‘querer’ come talk about your desires, be conscious that in the adhering to structure you require two verbs and the second one is the verb the is going come express the activity you desire to do.

Querer (conjugated) + verb in prototype form

Quiero comer tacos y enchiladas I want to eat tacos and enchiladas

Nosotras queremos estudiar español We desire to examine Spanish

Quiero trotar 30 minutos diarios I want to jog 30 minute daily

To talk about objects girlfriend desire.

Here are some examples and also the phrase structure we use in Spanish once we desire to talk around the object we want. An alert that occasionally the paragraph may have actually other grammar facets such together articles and also demonstrative adjectives. We carry out this when we want to be an ext specific about what us want. Right here are part examples.

Querer + noun

Quiero pizza I desire pizza
María quiere esos zapatos Maria wants those shoes
Quiero un café con leche I desire a coffee v milk

This structure is an extremely common when ordering food and drinks. In this article, I’ll show you how to usage querer, and other common phrases, to order your drink in Spanish properly.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we questioned the difference between ‘amar’ and ‘querer’. Us learned that even though this verbs are interpreted as ‘to love’, in Spanish, they have actually some nuances in meaning.

Remember the ‘amar’ mirrors a greater and also deeper affection 보다 ‘querer’. As a result, we deserve to say ‘te amo’ to our household or partner. We also discussed that ‘querer’ is offered to talk around your desires. Now that you recognize the difference in between these verbs, it’s time for you to apply them in your correct context.

Related Questions:

How execute you respond come ‘te quiero mucho’? If your an answer is going to express that you feeling the very same way, you deserve to answer by saying Yo también (me too) or Yo también te quiero mucho (I love you too). However, if friend don’t feeling the same method you deserve to say: Yo no (I don’t) i beg your pardon is a shorter way to to speak yo no te quiero (I don’t love you).

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Does ‘Te quiero’ typical I desire you? Even despite ‘querer’ is the straight translation of ‘to want’, in Spanish, te quiero shows affection, as a result, it would certainly be interpreted as ‘I love you’. If the expression ‘I want you’ expresses a physical desire, in Spanish, we would say Te deseo.

What’s the difference in between gustar, encantar and also querer? ‘Gustar’ is supplied to talk around your likes and dislikes and also they deserve to be either activities, objects or people. ‘Encantar’ expresses that you like something or someone strongly and ‘querer’ is intended to talk around the points you desire. However, be conscious that as soon as talking about people, ‘querer’ expresses affection and, therefore, is analyzed as ‘I love you’.